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  1. carolyn

    cute crocheting baby shoes

    Love these have added to my pinterest
  2. carolyn

    Whats your views on the silhouette cameo

    I have had a craft robo for years, and the silhouette software runs on it. It is so versatile, and easy to design on it. And there are loads andloads of designs really cheap. I am pretty sure you can just download the software for free. My old robo doesn't cut througb very thick card, but would guess things have improved. Check out the silhouette blog for loads of ideas.
  3. carolyn

    Watering Cans

    thank you
  4. carolyn

    Watering Cans

    It would perfect in my conservatory - they are beautiful. Can you use a waterbased varnish, so that brushes are easy to clean?
  5. carolyn

    A question

    I tend to use Aleenes tacky glue for most fabric to paper, or glossy accents.
  6. carolyn

    Watering Cans

    they are lovely, I love the actual cans too, can you use them for watering?
  7. carolyn

    Little baby boy

    that is a lovely card - thank you for sharing
  8. carolyn

    Quilled cards

    they are very clever - well done on winning
  9. carolyn

    Big Shot question

    You just need to cut them in by putting different colour paper/card with the die. You can colour card up with ink pads, or another thing would be to do a batch of people and cut them several colours and swap them all around. I do find on dies where there are lots of bits I don't always use the bits cut as the colours are never right. You can turn the die upside down and just cover the bit that you want to cut as well.
  10. carolyn

    New baby card

    what a lovely stamp - and a great card
  11. carolyn

    Romance is in the air

    that is pretty, must check out little claire - not looked in a while
  12. carolyn

    crocus in a tea cup

    Well not exactly 'other techniques' wasn't quite sure where to put this, but had said to Maggie will prove I have used my robo last week! I have been encouraging my son to do plants and I sell them on our country market stall. So he planted bulbs last summer. He did a couple and the bulbs were nicely flowering on the stall
  13. carolyn

    One of my makes

    Tee hee - I did a spring label the other day for the crocus in a tea cup...will go and dig it out.
  14. carolyn

    Little Owl card

    aww how cute is he
  15. carolyn

    One of my makes

    I have finally been making cards here is one I did for my Mum who has just had a small op, and another with a bargain stamp