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  1. Nicola J

    Messy Rabbit stationery

    Moving!! make sure you email me your new address!! I bet you are knee deep in it,left the crafting stuff till last I hope!!!xxx
  2. Nicola J

    Messy Rabbit stationery

    Hi Maggie!!! Gorgeous set! You've done a brilliant job, I hope you are well.xx
  3. Nicola J

    Door Plaques

    Hi no, the pens are fine, you have to put thin layers of clear varnish and leave tp dry completely before soaking the decal off,or then the colours will run.x
  4. Nicola J

    Door Plaques

    Thankyou every one.xx
  5. I've just got my copy, its amazing ! I love the Terry Harrison bit, as he's my sons hero! We've been to his gallery in farnborough, lovely man!! It is a step above the rest this issue is brilliant for ideas and i might go and buy another one for all the stuff you get with it, well,well worth the money!!!!Well done for producing sucha a great mag!xx
  6. Nicola J

    Christmas cards (at last)

    Welldone,they are great! very Christmassy colours, you have done well!!.xx
  7. Nicola J

    Let's Make Cards 19 Gallery

    This is mine,i made it within minutes of getting the kit, i love those papers!!
  8. Hello, this is what i have just made using the fabulous Lets get crafting papercraft kit. I used te gorgeous flocked paper and the swirls from the kit,the poinsettia's and stars came with the extra merry Christmas pack in Crafts Beautiful last month i think. It has a key on top of the Settle so you can find the goodies hidden in the box
  9. Nicola J

    I made a album to match cinderellas castle .

    Have you entered this or your castle into the Fairytale challenge? Here
  10. Nicola J

    I made a album to match cinderellas castle .

    Oh WOW!!!!!! That is amazing,so different to what you see around,it is absolutely gorgeous!! I had a look & left a comment on your blog,your work is amazing!!!Welldone XXX
  11. Nicola J

    Great Craft site

    Thats great,thanks for the link, I think quick delivery is so hi on priority list, as Im soo impatient lol!!xx
  12. Nicola J

    Some of my cards

    These are lovely, I like the way you have used the curvy edges for the design and the twin girls is just wonderful!! Welldone and hope to see lots more. Nicola.xx
  13. Nicola J

    maggies toppers

    Oh they are lovely,you've put them to amazing use!!You've Done a fantastic job!! And how kind,but you would expect any different from Maggie bless her little cotton socks!!.xx
  14. Nicola J

    well done paperkate!

    Yes well done Kate,she is gorgeous!! XXX
  15. Nicola J

    CB Review Sign Up List

    Yes please, I'd love to if mods are allowed?xx