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  1. MentalSarcasm

    Eyelets- What tools?

    Woo! Thanks everyone
  2. MentalSarcasm

    Eyelets- What tools?

    If one wants to use eyelets what tools are needed? Can you use a standard hole punch for the whole and then something else for the eyelets themselves? Or do you need a little screwdriver things with various attachments depending on what you're doing?
  3. MentalSarcasm


    I didn't go in the end, too cold, and my Mum didn't want to go and I can't navigate around Stevenage on my own XD wish I had gone now. Oh, Bigbunnies, I have some good news (sorry for the thread hijack)! You know the Craft Central that was in the Country Homes and Gardens near Royston? There's another garden shop just down that road, my brother works in it, and he saw the woman that used to run the CC, she was talking to his boss about renting one of the other buildings (brother's boss owns a whole bunch of little buildings that surround a parking courtyard, there's a pet shop and a garden furniture one as well as the garden shop that the guy runs himself) and opening another craft shop! Apparantly she's hoping to have it up and running by late February/early March so I'll let you know when it's open
  4. MentalSarcasm

    Used postage stamps for charity

    I donate the family ones to the Motor Neuron Disease Association, I emailed them asking if they accepted them and they replied saying yes and gave me an address to send them too, happy to post it if anyone wants it
  5. MentalSarcasm

    Stamperama Anyone going?

    I'm hopefully going!
  6. MentalSarcasm

    Craft Central chain gone

    I don't know where it was, I haven't been to Hitchin even though I live very close to it XD I shall go and have a look-see next week.
  7. MentalSarcasm

    Craft Central chain gone

    I too shall check out Craft Ambrosia! I think there was a rubber stamping shop in Hitchin too but I don't know if it's still there. Just checked the Jules Gems website and it appears to still be up and running.
  8. MentalSarcasm

    Craft Central chain gone

    Yes the Royston one was in a garden centre too. Wish I had known about a 45% off sale, could have saved a fortune in papers and clear stamps The Royston one was completely cleared out when I went there on Tuesday so clearly the garden centre there wasn't willing to save it. I don't think there are now any craft shops left in the area now (do you Bigbunniesuk?), except Hobbycraft in Stevenage and I don't like being charged an extra 10% simply for the "shop name" (and I'm not too fond of Stevenage either). Torpenhow- Unless your garden centre has bought it you will more than likely find a big empty space, like I did. Wonder how many other such chains will bite the dust during the coming year.
  9. MentalSarcasm

    Do you or Don't you??? New Years Resolutions

    I have three huge ones for this year. 1. Start my business. Not a crafting one, but one that I am keeping under my hat for the time being 2. Quit the supermarket. I have a BA and an MA, both in ancient history, I am getting fed up with just being a checkout girl! 3. Get a flat with the boyfriend. Boyfriend has come up with three big ones as well: 1. Get a permanent job, even if it means joining Waitrose himself (he's fed up with temping). 2. Start making steps towards joining the computer game industry. 3. Get a flat with me. Should be an interesting year XD
  10. MentalSarcasm

    Craft Central chain gone

    Went to visit my local Craft Central branch near Royston on Tuesday and found it had closed. Oh bugger, I thought, this is the only craft shop near me! It was quite busy Finally found the website today, quick check of the forums, the whole branch has gone in to administration! Really sad about this, the staff are all completely shocked and apparantly many weren't told until Christmas eve, some say they weren't told at all and it was left to friends and fellow staff members to break the news to them! Preferred my local CC over Hobbycraft, staff were far more helpful and prices tended to be more realistic. Such a shame that it's gone
  11. MentalSarcasm


    I was thinking this the other day, thanks for the update Kate!
  12. MentalSarcasm

    The Good Morning Thread

    Natalie- Next time you feel tempted to come chat on here, pull the plug on the computer I'm off in to London today to see the boy, we're going to visit the Christmas market at the South Bank, then have lunch somewhere near Picadilly (same place we went for his birthday), and then we're going to the Winter Wonderland at Hyde Park. Also need to drop in to The Bead Shop as well to find some beads for Mum's birthday earrings. I'm really hoping one of them will have someone making and selling fresh hot crepes, there was one at the last market I went to at Eton and they're really delicious, I want my boyfriend to try one as well.
  13. MentalSarcasm

    A new subforum?

    Well if you want me to bugger off and join another forum then tough luck, I'm a member of too many of the bloomin' things already.
  14. MentalSarcasm

    A new subforum?

    Where's BusyMitts?
  15. MentalSarcasm

    A new subforum?

    Dear Admins and tech chaps, Having just done my first craft and having to use an American site for most of my advice, I was wondering if we could have a Craft Fair forum on here? I know there are forum rules about advertising fairs (presumably because you'd like people to pay for that sort of thing ) but as a forum to offer tips or ask for advice I think it could be useful. Or, if that sounds like too narrow a field, could we have some sort of "Crafting as a Business" forum where we can have tips etc for fairs, but also stuff like the best shopping cart to use for one's site or how to fill out a tax form. I think stuff like this could easily get lost in Planet Craft, which is the only forum I can really think of that can/does cover this stuff as that seems to be a combination of general crafting suggestions and questions as well as the odd business-type question. Just a thought I had