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  1. Bubblegum

    Christmas Ted cards

    Aww thank you ladies for the wonderful comments on my Christmas Ted images ... really appreciate it. Have a peek at my blog for details of new stamps I have out.
  2. Bubblegum

    The New Word Association Thread

    smiling.... :)
  3. Bubblegum

    Christmas Ted...

    Thanks once again ladies.
  4. Bubblegum

    a few projects to take my mind off things...

    Great creations - love your journal. :)
  5. Bubblegum

    My lady's name has been decided....??:)

    Well a huge thankyou to everyone who pm'd me with their choice of my lady's name - I was overwhelmed by the response - wow lots of choices..thank you soooooooo much..you are all fabulous. Well I can reveal that her name - by popular demand is. . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAITH this name was the clear winner. So I hereby declare that my lady is now offically called Faith such a nice name too, don''t you think. And here she is - it is an uncoloured version and has my name over her - sorry. She is one of a set..... I would be very grateful if you would post up what you thnk of her and maybe by the weekend I will have a coloured version of this one too. . . . . . I would like to now introduce..Faith, please give her a warm welcome, lol, lol
  6. Bubblegum

    Christmas Ted...

    Thank you both ladies - really appreciate that. Christmas Ted has proved very popular I am happy to say - so there are going to be quite a few families getting christmas Ted cards from some lovely crafters. :)
  7. Bubblegum

    My lady's name has been decided....??:)

    Would just like to say a Huge thanks to everyone to has joined in so far with my choose a name fun...I really appreciate it and I have had a huge response since last night - wasn't quite expecting such a great response - so thank you all once again and keep those choices coming for a wee while longer please. :)
  8. Bubblegum

    A male card with flourishes!

    Brilliant card - and your embossing is fabulous - well done. Male cards are always difficult.
  9. Bubblegum

    1st xmas mouse

    Hey Maggie - absolutely fabulous - that is what I say...I really love that dimensional snow - very effective indeedy.
  10. Bubblegum

    Christmas Ted...

    Thank you kindly Kate, Pammi and Natalie. I did have great fun designing him and better fun creating cards with him, lol, lol
  11. Bubblegum

    can anyone advice me please

    I have the Wizard and find it great - I use all sorts in it - cuttle bug embossing folders and dies too. :)
  12. Bubblegum

    Christmas Ted...

    Why thank you kind ladies - much appreciated.
  13. Bubblegum

    Partridge and turtle dove

    What brilliant stamps - really like them indeed - you have done a fabulous job with them too.
  14. Bubblegum

    christmas choir card..

    What a fabulous gorgeous card Susan - just love it.
  15. Bubblegum

    Christmas Ted...

    Aww thanks Maggie - you are a sweetie.