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  1. Hi Seaspirit, I'm sorry to hear that you're unhappy with your subscription. Whilst this month there wasn't a full-sized dressmaker's paper pattern, we instead gave our readers the 64 page Vintage Christmas Book which was packed with great festive ideas. In terms of clothing makes, there's the three kimono tops to create plus a variety of customisation techniques, and a downloadable pattern for a little girls' dress, which can be found here: http://www.crafts-beautiful.com/index.php/forums/viewthread/55419/ Thanks, Sophie, Deputy Editor
  2. Sew 1


    Hi Rowanbear, Sorry to hear that you're having problems - can you let me know which pattern it is you're trying to download, and what exactly happens when you click on the link to download it? Best wishes, Sophie, Deputy Editor
  3. Sew 1

    Sew Magazine Issue 38

    Hi everyone, Your subscriber copies of issue 38 should be with you now - it doesn't actually go on sale until tomorrow (20th July) so subs copies should have arrived in the last few days; hope this helps! Sophie, Deputy Editor
  4. Hey stitchers, We've noticed a slight error in our Making Clothes For Kids bookazine - the strap dimensions have been omitted from the Daisy Daisy project. Please accept our apologies for this - each strap piece should be cut to 9cm x 43cm. Hope this helps - make sure to share pics of your makes! Best wishes, Sophie, Sew Deputy Editor
  5. Sew 1

    Who do you most enjoyed stitching for?

    I agree with Adrienne - I love knitting for others but I do get a tad stressed trying to make it perfect!
  6. Hi ladies, The pattern for the little girl's dress is at 100% already, so shouldn't need any resizing before use. Hope this helps! Thanks, Sophie, Deputy Editor
  7. Hi all, JennieUK is correct - the dress is listed under the downloads on this thread: Click Hope that helps! Sophie
  8. Sew 1

    vintage apron

    Hi ladies, As Mistress Pimperella has said, the pattern was uploaded several weeks ago, at the same time as the child's dress and adult yoke patterns - which can be found here: Pattern Hope this helps. Sophie, Deputy Editor
  9. Sew 1

    Bette Dress Underskirt

    Hi ladies, Just wanted to let you know we're not ignoring you on this thread - I've only just seen it! I've not got my copy of issue 3 (which had the Bette dress in it) around me right now but will hunt it out so I can assist. I've personally made this dress three times for myself so should be able to help. I'll be back this afternoon - could you let me know what it is you're having problems with on the bodice and I'll see if I can explain it? Thanks, Sophie, Deputy Editor
  10. Sew 1

    Can't down load sew patterns issue 35

    Hi Lowthersozo46, I'm sorry to hear that - what's the problem you're experiencing - ie, when you try to download the pattern, what happens? Thanks, Sophie
  11. Sew 1

    What do you most enjoy making?

    It's probably a given really but it's got to be garments for me!
  12. Sew 1

    Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

    Hi ladies, Sorry to hear that some of you are experiencing problems printing off the pattern - I'm not a fully-fledged IT expert but I will help where I can! Chickenleader - I'm unsure as to why your internet connection going down would effect the printing of the document; once the pattern has started to print, all of the information will have already been sent to the printer so the net connection dropping out shouldn't have an effect. Perhaps to ensure it is nothing to do with saving or opening the document, you could save it, print it, then delete straight afterwards? This way the file won't be saved onto the computer long term. Wendiekins - again, I'm not sure why your computer is trying to save the document to your iTunes folder. When you click on the download, it should bring up a list of folders that you could save it in - try saving it to your desktop, or to My Documents perhaps, then opening from there. It's a standard PDF file so should just open with your default PDF reader. Hope this helps! Sophie, Deputy Editor
  13. Sew 1

    Sew Issue 35 Pattern Download: Now Live!

    Hi ladies, Yes, Goose is correct - simply click the link in the post above, download the file, then print out the pages you need for your project - or all of it if you wish. Stick together with tape (there's no resizing needed), and cut out as you would a regular dressmaker's tissue pattern - hope this helps! Thanks, Sophie, Deputy Editor
  14. Sew 1

    Tote Bag Featured?!

    Hi Lucy, I'll be sending you a PM shortly to look into this. Thanks, Sophie, Deputy Editor
  15. Hi everyone, The dressmaker's pattern from issue 35 is now up and ready to be used! Here it is! There's a women's yoke neck dress and tunic in sizes 8 - 18, a little girl's Mandarin wraparound frock in ages 2 - 4 years, and retro-style apron too. To use, simply print off the relevant pages (see the reference guide at the front of the pack), stick together as indicated with sticky tape, cut out your size and use as normal. Enjoy! Sophie, Deputy Editor