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  1. Holly Reubin


    Hi Craftbeam Apologies that you have not yet been unsubscribed from our newsletters. I've forwarded this link to our webmaster and so this should be dealt with shortly. Do you also subscribe to any of our magazines, as well as use the website? Regards, Holly
  2. Holly Reubin


    Hi seaspirit, I have alerted our subs team to your query and someone will be along shortly to help you out with this.
  3. Holly Reubin


    Sorry to hear you've been having problems with your subscription - please can you let us know which magazine this is for so we can look into it?
  4. Holly Reubin

    Sew Magazine 32

    Hi Amy, The next issue of Sew Magazine is available on Friday 20th January
  5. Holly Reubin

    Let’s Get Crafting Issue 4 Challenge! CLOSED

    Yes, that's right Eve - it's Let's Get Crafting with Words & Verses (complete with lots of lettering goodies - chipboard letters, rub-ons, stickers, etc) Hope this helps Holly
  6. Holly Reubin

    UGH UGH UGH moth stash?

    Urgh! Moths are not my favourite creature either, but well done on finding related crafty goodies! I hope you'll post a pic of what you make with it - I'd be very interested to see what has driven you this
  7. Holly Reubin

    Let’s Get Crafting Issue 4 Challenge! CLOSED

    Two great entries so far ladies! Can't wait to see some more Fishnet - Let's Get Crafting is available in WHSmith, all the major supermarkets and selected newsagents. Hope this helps Holly
  8. Holly Reubin

    Rub-ons Help me please

    Hi all, Great tips, and I'm glad you found the LMC rub-ons to be good quality, Cassidii. You're all spot-on with the warm environment and hairdryer tricks - I find that if you 'huff' (breathe warm breath) on rub-ons they generally work much better. I guess the warm, damp air must loosen them up. Holly
  9. Hi Mama Bee, I've sent you a pm about this. Holly
  10. Holly Reubin


    Hi there, sorry you're having trouble with this card. The section that stands up at the back of the envelope is the flap that you would fold down if you were to close the envelope. If you dont put a crease in, this should stand up fine. You only need to use vellum to mount the 'for my mum' die cut. I hope this helps Holly
  11. Holly Reubin

    ive got missing parts from my magazine :(

    Sorry to hear you have bits missing from your mag. I have sent you a pm about this Holly
  12. Sorry to hear you have bits missing from your LGC mag pack. I have sent you a pm about this Holly
  13. Holly Reubin

    Missing beads

    Hi Christina, Sorry to hear you had beads missing. I've sent you a pm about this. Holly
  14. Holly Reubin

    Latest issue! Made anything from the kit!

    Hi Ana, Sorry to hear that your orange beads were missing. Send me a pm with your postal address and I'll get some replacements sent out to you.
  15. Holly Reubin

    missing kit

    Hi Crafts, There is an email address in the magazine for all problems with the kits: customercare@letmakecards.com Alternatively, you can email me - my address is on the leader page. For now, I've sent you a pm about this. Thanks