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  1. CraftyCat

    Eurovision Party!

    Anybody planning on watching Eurovision at the weekend? We're (ashamedly) watching the heats this week, then always have a little party with friends for the actual show - not usually to support the UK haha but just for the entertainment factor, some of the songs are just mad, especially with subtitles on, the translations can be unintentionally hilarious! We tend to bring a crafty element into it too, with decorations etc - which makes it quite fun. And, of course there is lots of wine and sometimes Eurovision drinking games as well (drink every time there is a lot of fake tan, sequins, pyrotechnics etc - you're lucky if you last through two songs!). Anybody else watching or planning similar, or am I the one saddo who quite enjoys it?
  2. CraftyCat

    Help with profile picture?

    Hello everyone, I'm being a bit stupid - haven't been on here for a while, and it's changed quite a bit since I last was on (looks lovely tho!) - my old profile picture seems to have disappeared does anyone know how to get it back or how to update it? Thanks in advance, CC x
  3. Well done! What a great cause, you must be very proud of yourself. Sounds like the weather was a bit of a nightmare! x
  4. CraftyCat

    Christmas presents

    Lovely ideas! I think I'm going to attempt to knit my friend some socks, which is a big 'maybe' becauseI havent actually knitted a sock yet so we'll see how that pans out!
  5. CraftyCat

    Sock Knitting

    Oooh socks sound scary enough rather than doing two at once- I'm impressed Sheelagh- do you have any pics of socks you've knitted?
  6. CraftyCat

    Christmas presents

    I know what you mean about plants, Mental Sarcasm, my Grandad bought my Mum a supposedly 'unkillable plant' a couple of years back. True to form, it died shortly after She has the complete opposite of green fingers!!! I'm baking a few things for gifts, which gives me an excuse to leave them til late- just simple biscuits and things which I'm going to put in embellished tins or baskets.
  7. CraftyCat

    Yarn overs??? Argh!

    This is probably a really stupid question but what's a yarn over? I've seen a really cool jumper that looks like its been done in a lacy stitch but the woman who made it said it was done byusing yarn overs. I only know how to garter and purl......would I be able to do it?
  8. CraftyCat


    I painted a mug with my name on it from a kit, but I'm ashamed to say a four year old could have probably done better. Painting obviously isnt my thing ! I had great fun when I went to a pottery cafe in Essex though- the woman there was really helpful and I made a couple of good bits I'd definitely recommend that if you are a beginner. CCx
  9. I've seen lots of multi-stranded necklaces in the shops at the moment, and am going to have a go myself but i only have normal little clasps and wondered if there are special ones abvailable for this kind of necklace? I think some of my beads are going to be too heavy for the clasps I have, if there is more than one strand. It's probably a really stupid question but I'd love any help you can offer?
  10. CraftyCat

    Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares

    Does anyone watch this? I really like it. It makes me feel Ok about my own kitchen disasters when I see some of the head chefs!!!
  11. I love my sewing machine too- although I haven't used it much of late I just tend to look at it with pride I'm not mad, I promise! I also have this little mini sewing machine for just repairing stuff and it's brilliant. I think it's called the mini stitch or something, but it's hand held and very useful. Then I have this crazy tool that punches gems into clothing for customising. I love gadgets theyre so much fun! CCx
  12. CraftyCat

    Family Trees

    OOh this is a really good thread. I've often idly thought about researching my family tree, but like many things, never got round to it. I think you guys may have inspired me to start- thanks for all the tip-offs about the different websites, it's a bit daunting when you google it and millions come up I'm never sure which ones are trustworthy and which aren't! CCx
  13. CraftyCat

    Hi I'm new to this forum...

    Wow, lovely cards Andy- my favourite is the Ho Ho Ho one too. Everyone is making such lovely projects at the moment! CCx
  14. CraftyCat

    Old Forum

    Me too!
  15. CraftyCat

    Big felt beads?

    OOh thanks! Big thanks for all your help guys!If I actually make some I will post pics, if they turn out OK! CCx