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  1. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    Reasonably Priced Knitting Bag

    I have sent you a PM Ana
  2. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    Best place to buy flowers

    I would suggest WOC also! I found out that CVC -- stock the same flowers, the quality is the same as WOC but postage is free? Here HTH Ana
  3. MyMindHasGoneBlank


    I've been looking for some for ages- try ebay for the larger pieces , they have tons! I only needed a small amount to make some prima leaves? (TH die/distress inks) I found some in tescos for 98p! I bought a jute shopper I also got about 20 hessian ladybugs -not sure what I'll do with as yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out Ana
  4. MyMindHasGoneBlank


    Thank to both of you for responding. Cutting edge crafts do the machine for £85 with free delivery. I did and have always wanted a BigShot but it comes down to deskspace - something that i don't have a lot of ! You can use up to the second biggest die in the GC dies with the cuttlebug. I would use it mainly for mini books. But still it is a massive,massive purchase to make especially these days..My birthday is september so if i WERE to be going for one it would be around that timeframe. i sourced a bundle deal -£320 for the machine plus all eight sets of dies..even if it were for my bday and christmas gift combined- could I honestly justify spending that amount? I reckon my eyes are bigger than my bank balance. I will have to stop spending,get saving then see if I want to actually spend that amount? thanks! Ana
  5. MyMindHasGoneBlank


    I am seriously drooling over the Grand Calibur dies and I need to update my cutting machine in order to use them. I am being very silly I'm sure, but I just do not like the look of the Grand Calibur Machine, so I was thinkng of maybe a BigShot? Can anyone tell me if the cutting area of the bigshot will accept the dies? Also any thoughts on pros/con of either machine would be appreciated! thanks Ana
  6. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    Can anyone recommend a good felt supplier?

    Wow Kaz- thanks for that link! what a wonderful range they have! I have just placed an order (bad,bad girl!) okay a small order (good girl!) %-P Ana
  7. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    Cuttlebug Ultimate Mega Bundle

    go one up and check out this- http://www.cuttingedgecrafts.co.uk/cart.php?target=product&product_id=25834 The machine, a set of Nestie , an emossing thingy plus free postage? I don't get paid until the 17th but they'll be gone at that price! "No fair" she wails . I can't even make bambi eyes to the husband, he has become immmune to my 'charms' lol Ana
  8. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    Another name change!!!!

    What a great idea!! Being of a bear of little imagination...I tried okay? %-P
  9. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    USA Order arrived

    err, mainly crafty stash- the new prima ranges are stunning and I had to have the MME quit contrary range ( with all the trimmings) uh about £100 onrubber stamps from Alot, Penny blacks,the SWALK range from CC? (craftsulove had a mad stamp sale-it's there fault!) I blitzed over at carfty charlie with their range of papers (basic grey, MM etc) and cutting edge crafts have been feeling well loved and adored with four orders in one week! I did spend £20 on paper backs and £30 for my LDN and then another £20 on books for the boys TBH I was horrified when I realised how much was coming out of my payal account-I have been a compulsive shopper and I'd kicked it because I was good (as in nothing but my SU order per month since Aprilish) but yeah the official stance from the dear husband is that I was depressed (!) but it is out of my system and normalacy shall resume! ( plus all the money is now spent!) I had been doing paid blogging with a platform the I forgot to cash out with (over a years cash $354) and that is where the extra splurge came from! but it is done. gone. poof! lol
  10. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    USA Order arrived

    oh wonderful! or not as the case maybe- I've shifted well over £400 this week *coughs* Ah well may as well be hung as a sheep as a lamb eh? Thanks for the heads up though hun-very interesting ;-P Ana
  11. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    USA Order arrived

    Very nice! Just had a look at the site as I've never heard of them-can I ask what was your order total? I'm thinking about customs :-) Ana
  12. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    Looking for a cuttlebug..

    HandyHippo have a funky pink one here- http://www.handyhippo.co.uk/p5737-Designer-Pink-Cuttlebug-Machine.html at £64.95 including free delivery. There should be an extra 10 % discount code in any of the crafting mags (on the shop adverisments at the back) used one last week, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was- can somebody help out please? if i didnt' have green one already I would get a pink! HTH
  13. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    Grafton Crafts

    It's cutting edge crafts other trading name- I pay by paypal everytime I use CEC and it always states Grafton Crafts Limited- so that's why free postage and great service! I have no idea why I'm telling you this as it has no real relevance to the discussion but hey !
  14. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    Your feedback please :)

    I stopped buying it because it went too cutesey and I wasn't using the elements just reading the mag, so if you don't/can't go general with those, hows about a copy with the elements (7.99 issue) and a copy without at say 4.99? would that be an option? I do like the enjoy reading the mag but at 7.99 for just a mag, it is a bit much ya know? Crafting is an expensive hobby at the best of times,so some things have to go but I do feel that I am missing out though
  15. MyMindHasGoneBlank

    Has anyone........

    I have the following embossing folder that I got from little Claire designs, it is only 3.99 to buy but I can send you mine, if you promise to return once you have finished with it? or if you dont want to do that I can make you some thingeys but honestly it might better if you used it yourself !! lol let me know HTH