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  1. lovely card and bookmark
  2. barbara19

    Extra big thank you to Pinkpuppy

    beautiful card denise ,so thoughtful of louise
  3. barbara19

    Thank you Michelle L xx

    that is so pretty louise ,so kind of michelle
  4. barbara19

    Thank you Pinkpuppy!

    great prize robyn and so kind of louise
  5. barbara19

    Maggie50 Thank you so so much xxx

    so kind of maggie they are stunning cards pleased you are feeling better maggie
  6. barbara19


    they are all gorgeous ,well done
  7. barbara19

    Cards made from SEW Candy Kit

    really pretty cards maritrez
  8. barbara19


    wonderful cards maritrez
  9. barbara19

    30th birthday

    stunning card natalie love the colours
  10. thank you sue,maritrez and denise
  11. wow thank you for the lovely challenge and also choosing my box's well done maritrez
  12. barbara19

    Is glitter only for Christmas?

    beautiful cards kate ,love the cranes they are gorgeous
  13. love the tray maritrez and what a beautiful scarf and brooch well done and good luck
  14. barbara19

    Ring a ding ding

    gorgeous louise very elegant
  15. barbara19

    Thank you ever so much Barbara19 :)

    youre welcome louise ,so happy for you both
  16. barbara19

    Thank you Bigbunniesuk xx

    very pretty card louise so kind of carolyn
  17. barbara19

    Thank you very much Paperkate xx

    lovely card from kate and pretty diecuts enjoy them louise
  18. barbara19

    Thank you Mama Bee xx

    lovely card from marilyn
  19. barbara19

    Thank you Magpiesdelghts xxx

    lovely card and gift from caroline so kind of her
  20. gorgeous flowers louise so kind of sam and mike
  21. barbara19

    LMC 57 Prize Thank You

    wow super prize debbie enjoy using them
  22. barbara19

    Thank you very much Seaweed xx

    its beautiful louise ,so kind of debbie
  23. youre welcome and you have such a clever grandaughter
  24. pretty cushion cover crafty nannie good luck
  25. barbara19

    Oww my very first engagement card :)

    lovely card from gaynor