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  1. barbara19

    poppy card

    i used a recycled topper ,free paper and a few flowers
  2. barbara19

    Boy and Girl Cameo cut cards

    i can now upload my pics maggie i have deleted over 100 pages of old posts dating from 2008 and i am now able to post my pics i tried to PM you but i got a message to say you cant accept any messages is your inbox full hope its soon sorted for you maggie
  3. barbara19

    poppy card

    thank you susan for your lovely comments
  4. barbara19

    private messages

    i have tried sending a pm to a few members and i am informed they cannot recieve my message any help available as to why this is happening
  5. barbara19

    poppy card

    thank you Bc and sam for your lovely comments Bc the die is a new one and so many different ways you can use it
  6. barbara19

    private messages

    thank you carolyn and louise
  7. thank you sam its easy when you know how haha i now have problems trying to send a pm and also i have 2 friends waiting for my aproval but i dont know how to add them as the button just says click if i dont aprove
  8. barbara19

    LOTV Card

    beautiful card sam and the butterflies look wonderful on your card
  9. barbara19

    Been a while.....but finally some new cards.

    great selection of cards suga well done and enjoy your rest
  10. barbara19

    poppy card

    thank you louise , suga , denise and nancy i am a terrible hoarder denise,suga hope you soon have a sprinkling of flowers in your garden
  11. thanks sam i have deleted more pics ,now got eye ache haha and i can now upload pics
  12. thank you sam i found the notification button after i wrote the message i have deleted loads of pics but the amount hasnt altered and its still saying 100% full i will try deleting more i didnt have to resize on the CB forum do i need to do this on here
  13. i am also having problems uploading photo's and recieving notifications on threads i am following i have deleted lots of pics but the No, hasnt changed
  14. barbara19

    Boy and Girl Cameo cut cards

    sorry you cant show your pics maggie but im sure they are very pretty i have just tried to upload a card and it wont work either
  15. barbara19

    Engagement party

    wonderful cake louise pleased you had a good time
  16. barbara19

    new look forum

    i was wondering the same Bc and why the pics of the makes are not on the members post but the first one to make a comment very confusing
  17. barbara19

    fancy edged cards

    lovely cards Bc
  18. barbara19


    you have been busy louise ,well done they are really pretty
  19. barbara19


    well done nancy enjoy your prize
  20. barbara19

    maggie 50

    your inbox is full maggie
  21. barbara19

    cameo creation.

    youre welcome maggie
  22. barbara19

    Stereo Cards - Butterfly

    lovely card
  23. barbara19

    3D card

    beautiful cards Bc love the edge trim
  24. barbara19

    another acetate card

    very pretty Bc
  25. barbara19

    Easter Candy Centerpiece with paper flowers

    beautiful centre piece