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  1. David

    Pattern Help

    Hello! Could I ask when you signed up to this forum. If it was after May 2013 your forum username and password will not work for the other crafts sites. We currently have 3 craft websites that have their own membership systems: (1) This forum (2) Crafts Beautiful, Let's Knit, Let's Get Crafting, sew and Make and Sell Jewellery (3) busymitts If you were a member of group 1 or 2 before May 2013 you should be able to use the same username and password to access either. busymitts however has alwatys been it's own site. I hope this helps! Thanks, David.
  2. David

    August Magazine

    Hi Mary, If appears you may have download some software on your machine that is adding these links to websites you visit. It's porbably worth going onto a few other sites (such as newspaper websites) to check it they are appearing on there too. This is generally as a result of installing some free software onto your computer, and they add this is also to generate income. Have you instaled any new software or maybe plugins on you browser? Please let us know, Dave
  3. David

    Sew Downloads

    NEW! The latest templates and motifs from issue 47 of Sew Nautical Collection Templates and Motifs The latest templates and motifs from issue 46 of Sew Vintage Slip Kimono Child Rain Mac Amy Butler Raincoat Adult Raincoat The latest templates and motifs from issue 45 of Sew Art Gallery Fabrics papers Liberty print blouse Free Home Makeovers book templates The latest templates and motifs from issue 44 of Sew Pyjamas Cardigan Cross Stitch The latest templates and motifs from issue 43 of Sew Cape Duo Truffle dressThe latest templates and motifs from issue 42 of Sew
  4. Hello, I've attached a file, would you mind tring to repost the image I've just posted? Thanks, David
  5. David

    Cannot attach a pic to a pm...why?

    Hi Dreamy, Would you mind emailing the picture to [email protected]? We'll then do a few tests and come back to you. Thanks! Dave
  6. David

    Woohoo, October issue is here

    Hi All, just letting you know that we're currently looking into the problems some of you have experienced and I'll be in touch personally soon. Thanks, David
  7. David

    Site faulty again, sorry folks !!

    Oh the dreaded slow site... I think is the first time it happened since the amendments to the server so I hold back from fiddling for a moment. In the meantime would you be able to post when the site is running slow again in the future? Thank you! Dave
  8. David

    I have reported slow site!!!

    Hello! We've been tweaking around with the site, sorting through the bugs and you should all now notice a significant increase the site's speed. If you expereince any other performance problems please post them on here! Thanks David
  9. David

    I have reported slow site!!!

    Hello! We’re looking into the speed problems and by the end of tomorrow we’ll know exactly what’s causing the problem and then be able to find a solution from there. It’s something we’re actively working on and hope to resolve soon. David
  10. David

    Piratey Challenge! Win a fab stamping kit!

    "Baton down the hatches"
  11. David

    Can't see thumbnails, help!

    Hi everyone, I've already contacted Yvonne. Dave
  12. David

    Hmm - Private Messge pop-ups!

    Hi! We've made a note of the popup request and we'll look into it when we next get the chance Dave
  13. David

    Thank You Dave!

    Hahahaha! Geek? Thanks Kate!
  14. David

    Oli - was that you who fixed the site?

    Oh my... anyone would think it was just Oli working on the site... I feel hurt...
  15. David

    Another question for the geeks

    Hahahahaha... no.... You can pick up your typical used flux-capacitor on ebay for around £40... which is a good buy. But be warned, make sure all 4 of the combobulators are intact, it's a nightmare to find replacements