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    Just replied :coolsmile:
  2. Crafts Beautiful 3


    Just sent you a pm Olivier
  3. Crafts Beautiful 3

    Help please - How do you upload photos?

    Just replied to your pm Olivier
  4. Crafts Beautiful 3

    Linking to pictures

    Glad I could help :-) Olivier
  5. Crafts Beautiful 3

    Downloading free papers & template Problems!!

    Hi Tracy, Are you having this problem with all of them or any in particular? Thank you Olivier
  6. Crafts Beautiful 3

    Linking to pictures

    Hello again! All done! Now if you post a reply or start a thread, there's an extra button, ["img"]. This button will let you hotlink pictures. To hotlink a picture, just wrap the url of your picture into image tags so that it looks like that [img=https://www.crafts-beautiful.com/site/olivier_bon.jpg] Once you submit your post, you should then have an external image embeded in your post like so Voila! hope this helps Oli
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    Linking to pictures

    hello, Jenny just told me about this thread, I'm looking into it and will let you know asap Oli
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    I do yoga I had a thought yesterday about making a yoga rug and discussed it Laura (let's knit editor) and got put off when I realised that by the time I'd finish knitting it, i'd probably won't be able to do yoga anymore :-S Oli
  9. Crafts Beautiful 3

    long time no see...

    Hi all, Haven't really been on the forum for a while so I thought I'd come and say Hi! Hope you're all well and are all working on interesting projects! While I'm here, I thought I'd let you know that we've just added new competitions on the website and there are some great prize to be won! You can find the competitions under the "competitions" tab at the top of the page. Enjoy Oli
  10. Crafts Beautiful 3

    long time no see...

    Batman rocks!
  11. Crafts Beautiful 3

    Another question for the geeks

    For you geeks, it was a stylesheet problem, nothing you could have done :coolsmile:
  12. Crafts Beautiful 3

    Another question for the geeks

    That's it sorted If you press enter just once at the end of a sentence it will only go to a new line and if you press it twice, you'll get a blank line. so enter once does this enter twice does this Hope it's all good Oli
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    Complete beginner to crafting and forums..

    Hey Joanie, Welcome to the forums Hope you have fun here! Having met Corinne Bradd I do agree with you, she is amazing and does make everything look very easy! Olivier
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    Oli is the max upload of a pic 1mb?

    Hi Nicola, The image max image size is 2Mb and 8000px x 6000px. Hope this helps Oli
  15. Crafts Beautiful 3

    im so bored

    Well done! Now let's get back to posting relevant content hahahaha! Olivier
  16. Crafts Beautiful 3

    im so bored

    Is it me or someone is trying to cheat their way up Now I know cupcakes are nice but well diserved ones are even nicer! Olivier
  17. Crafts Beautiful 3

    New Posts

    Hello! I'm sorry I still haven't found a proper solution/explanation to this. Carolyn - When you click on 'view new post' within your results, you should see a list of the threads containing new posts and below the thread title, the actual 'new post'. I you click on the thread name, it will take you to the top of the thread but if you click on the actual post below the thread name, it will take you directly to the post. Does it make sense :-S Louise- The reason why you do not get the thread you start is because when starting a thread, you are automatically subscribed to it and you should receive an email each time someone post in your thread. If you go to your control panel, on the left side you should see a button called 'view subscriptions', under there you will see the thread you subscribe to. Also in your control panel under 'email preferences' you can choose the way you are alerted. Voila! I hope this makes sense to you both. I will be writing more about the subject soon. Olivier
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    Gremlins on the forum - 4 Oli

    pm'd you :coolsmile:
  19. Crafts Beautiful 3

    Thank you Oli!!!!

    You are all welcome, we try to do our best Oli
  20. Crafts Beautiful 3

    A request to Admin

    Again, I'll pass this on to the authority and see what they say! Oli
  21. Crafts Beautiful 3

    A request to Admin

    You're right it is a bit quiet this morning..? Where are all our crafters! I had a lovely christmas and new year thank you, I went to see my family back in France which was very nice! Loads of nice food, wine and champagne! I must admit, I did come online a few times and check on the forum... :-S Hope you had a nice time too ;-) Olivier
  22. Crafts Beautiful 3

    A request to Admin

    Yep, Jenny has got her eyes on us :gulp: lol
  23. Crafts Beautiful 3

    A request to Admin

    no robin Vicki, I work alone Olivier
  24. Crafts Beautiful 3

    A request to Admin

    Et voila! The "people in charge" have agreed with your request and you know have a brand new section called Gadgets & Gizmos waiting for your posts! Olivier
  25. Crafts Beautiful 3

    A request to Admin

    Hello there, I have passed your request on and we'll look into for you. I think it's a very good idea! Oli