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  1. Crafts Beautiful 2

    It's Goodbye From Me.....

    Thanks so much for all your lovely messages ladies - I've just popped on after being out of the office for the Easter break and couldn't believe how many of you have posted - thank you :-)
  2. Crafts Beautiful 2

    It's Goodbye From Me.....

    Hi all, I hope you're all well and enjoying the lovely weather! Although I haven't posted on the forum in a while (I'm always lurking behind the scenes these days - very busy here at HQ) I thought I'd stop by to let you know that I'll be sadly leaving crafty HQ next Thursday for pastures new. It's going to be a sad and very strange day, and I will be especially sad to leave my work on the website behind - however, having been involved with it from the beginning, like so many of you here on the forum, I'm sure I won't be able to stay away completely! Thanks for making the forum such a friendly and entertaining place to be - I've really enjoyed being a part of it. That's all from me for now, have a good Easter break... Kate :-)
  3. Crafts Beautiful 2

    Thanks Maggie :-)

    Just a little note to say a huge THANK YOU to Maggie50, who cheered us up on this gloomy, chilly morning with a lovely Christmas card and box of chocs!! It was such a lovely surprise, and a really thoughtful gesture so thanks Maggie! We're now all ignoring the pre-Christmas diet plans and scoffing chocs for breakfast instead - it's definitely a good way to start the day. I've added a pic so you can see for yourselves - isn't the card fab?! There's also a great verse inside - which I'll add to the email later if Maggie doesn't mind? PS - please ignore the mess in the background of the pic - it's *definitely* not my desk that's piled high with junk in the background. Definitely not. ;-) Thanks again Maggie! x
  4. Crafts Beautiful 2

    Congratulations Maggie, Barbara19 and Lacey

    Create and Craft is a craft TV channel that's the sister channel of Ideal World. It's not anything to do with QVC. Thanks Kate!
  5. Crafts Beautiful 2

    Congratulations Maggie, Barbara19 and Lacey

    Well done ladies! I have PMed/emailed each of you regarding the challenge today. Kate :-)
  6. Crafts Beautiful 2

    Book competition

    Hi all, You're a beady eyed lot :-) For some reason, this has disappeared from the site and I didn't even realise! I'll get it looked into today so it goes up again and will post here when you can all enter. *Very* sorry for the inconvenience, I'll be sure to leave it up for a few extra days to make sure you all have time to enter. Apologies, Kate
  7. Crafts Beautiful 2

    July mag has arrived - but ...

    Hello again ladies, I've just spoken to the subscription department and there has been a problem with subscriber copies not having the gifts included. This is on all subscriber copies so the free chipboard shapes are being sent out individually today to everyone who didn't receive a set with their magazine. Hopefully you should receive yours within the next couple of days. Many thanks, Kate
  8. Crafts Beautiful 2

    July mag has arrived - but ...

    Hi ladies, Just seen this (sorry, as usual it's been a *very* busy week!). There obviously appears to be some kind of problem with the covermount, I will look into this now and see what I can do. Many apologies - thanks for your patience Kate
  9. Crafts Beautiful 2

    WINNER of Veggie inspired challenge!

    Hi Seaweed, If you read the post above, I've decided to give everyone who entered a runner up prize because it was quite a low number this time around. I couldn't choose between them after picking the winner. Hope this helps! Thanks! Kate
  10. Crafts Beautiful 2

    WINNER of Veggie inspired challenge!

    Hi everyone, I know you had been waiting patiently to hear who has taken the crown on this one, but first of all thanks to everyone who entered. The entries were fab and made me feel VERY hungry. However, one in particular had our mouths watering at CB HQ so come on down Crafterga and collect your prize! Well done. Your picnic and recipe book is amazing, we're very impressed. If you can PM me your details I'll get your subscription set up and pop a copy of the latest issue in the post. Congratulations! As such a small amount of you entered this challenge, I will be sending up a runner up prize to everyone else who entered - please pm me your details also. Thanks! Kate
  11. Crafts Beautiful 2

    Veggie inspired challenge

    Hi all, Apologies for the delay, I just wanted to let you know that I will be announcing the winner of this challenge this afternoon.
  12. Crafts Beautiful 2

    July Issue

    Hi everyone, Sorry to hear you have been having problems with your subscriptions to this title and that you haven't received a reply from the email we've provided. I was out of the office for a couple of days last week so didn't see that the mods had flagged this up for my attention - this has been passed directly to our subs department and I will follow it up today. Thanks for your patience with this, someone from the subs dept will be in touch with you shortly. Thanks Kate
  13. Crafts Beautiful 2

    I need help with Sew issue 10 wedding belle collection

    Hi there Sorry to hear you have had problems with this pattern. I will pass this on to a member of the Sew team this morning and they will get back to you asap. Thanks Kate
  14. Crafts Beautiful 2


    I couldn't keep you waiting any longer - I've posted up the winner here
  15. ...Goose! Congratulations. If you can PM me your details I will get your prize sent off to you. Apologies for the delay in announcing the winner ladies - I'm sure you've all been eagerly awaiting the announcement. Thank you for taking part and rest assured the winner will be announced a lot earlier for the next random goodies poll - keep your eyes peeled for it! Have a lovely week everyone, Kate