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  1. admin

    Site is very slow

    Sorry people... working on it now
  2. admin

    help please with downloading pics

  3. admin

    Image upload

    Ok, so I had look, pushed a button and hopefully It's back to normal Only problem is, you might need to logout, log back in to see the difference. Please let me know how you get on. Thank you
  4. admin

    Please don’t think I am being rude..

    Hey cazzy, I have just sent you a pm. I know you don't get pm notifications but you do get the thread one so I figured if I post here you'd get the message Speak soon Oli
  5. admin

    Help !!!

    Could you post the URL at the top of the page when you next visit that 'empty page' please? Thanks David
  6. admin

    Kirsty Wiseman Papers

    Hi All! Just to let you know it's now available for download Dave
  7. admin

    viewing pictures on some threads

    Hi Liz, Could you produce a screenshot and post it on the forum? Thanks, Dave
  8. admin

    To the two fix it men Help!!!!!!!

    Hi Pinkpuppy, I've contacted you via PM. Regards, Dave
  9. Tuggybear, I've replied to you via email. Dave
  10. admin

    Oli - was that you who fixed the site?

    Me *Put's hand in the air*
  11. admin

    Site seems a bit slow tonight,!!!!!

    Hi everyone, We've turned a few dials, flicked a few switches and pushed a few buttons and the site's now running as normal... Apologlies for the brief 'snail-loading-speed' of the site. Cheers, Admin
  12. admin

    Site Upgrade

    oohh.... :down:
  13. admin

    Site Upgrade

    Good work Oli! that must be a new record