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    Sun bonnet knee quilt

    Here is my latest knee quilt ladies , still loving this Sun bonnet sue Started another one
  2. crafty nannie


    Eliza I have been thinking of you , not a pleasant task to empty your aunts room . I hope you get arrangements done soon as waiting only prolongs the grief glad to hear you managed some knitting that's positive Hi to anyone else that pops on here
  3. crafty nannie


    So sorry to hear of your aunts passing Eliza, however it sounds like it was a blessing if she was in so much pain, sending you condolences and ((( hugs))
  4. crafty nannie


    Eliza I laughed out load when I read your comment about the parrot on fil s shoulder Hope you get back your knitting mojo soon Denise I reckon I will finish the hand quilting at the weekend, it's been relaxing Hope your crocheted blanket is going well Night night ladies
  5. crafty nannie


    Poor eliza I hope the rest of your holiday can be peaceful before you need to return home to the invalids, fil should be ok as I had both my cataract s done with no after effect Hope awful bacon frying then no bacon k&f, even I fancy bacon now I have read your post Hope you enjoyed your 10 days away Suzy you will need to be firm with Tim Su2ie sounds like you had a good morning, we visited my middle son and family today, we took niamh who had a great time with her cousins Enjoy Tewkesbury tomorrow Eliza, my eldest son used to live there, Hope you are all well
  6. crafty nannie


    Hi ladies, Eliza I am sorry to hear about your aunt, she may rally again so don't spoil the holiday, you need to put hubby and yourself first,stay calm and drive carefully on your return journey Su2ie I hope work was bearable heat wise, it's much cooler with me as we had the storms, it's been 18 degrees here today with heavy rain ,thunder and lightning Denise not weather for decreasing you must be conscientious I prefer to let it wait Been hand quilting this evening but must confess to a long nap after niamh went home this afternoon Night night ladies
  7. crafty nannie

    totally tropical Tuesday

    summer has even reached us ladies 25degrees here been to feed the swans with niamh but even they hurried off to the shade afterwards Hand quilting my extra blocks for the quilt, it's a nice armchair craft Hope you enjoy your walk su2ie and it's not too hot Eliza thinking a rest day is a good idea I too find coming down hill or steps much harder than going up Off to pick up Ruth from work shortly Have a good day Ps did you get my PM last week su2ie
  8. crafty nannie

    Sleepy Sunday

    Afternoon, Great dreamcatcher Lisa that must be some machine you have Nice colours Glad bed comfy at New place Eliza, it's rotten when you can't sleep , good you are getting some knitting g done too, what book are you reading just now? Su2ie nice you got the bookmarks done, I am sure they will be appreciated,not long now till your girls go on school holiday I am taking niamh to the circus tomorrow, these days off school are expensive, keeping them amused Away to have a cuppa, then do some sewing Have a good day
  9. crafty nannie

    Sporty Saturday

    Hope the tennis taster went well su2ie,I have never been sporty, maybe I am just lazy the children all joined tennis, badmington ,football and golf, Aisles what are you taking photos of today, ? Enjoy, and belated happy birthday Cut out my remaining quilt blocks last night for Ruth's quilt so I plan on getting them assembled today Enjoy the weekend
  10. crafty nannie


    Oh Eliza, try not to spoil your holday thinking about your aunt, It must have been interesting seeing the servants rooms at dunster castle, great to see how the real folk were treated su2ie did you post pic of your blouse somewhere what is your next make? Probably teacher gifts is it Taking finn to the vet this afternoon, his breathing is getting worse and water pills not so effective lately Have a nice weekend ladies
  11. crafty nannie


    Evening, I have never done buttonholes so you did well su2ie, I don't know where to start Glad accommodation seems ok Eliza, I take a single memory foam mattress topper with me when on holiday, it's bad enough having pain at home Washed the embroidered centre of Ruth's quilt this evening too get rid of the ink from transfer, it's washed up fine, always feel cautious washing after all the work done on it Catch you again tomorrow
  12. crafty nannie


    Hope. next bed more comfy Eliza , I know how awful holiday accommodation can sometimes be Cloudy here, hope Sun pops through, off to visit my eldest daughter with niamh shortly Tracey blow some Sun this way Enjoy your day ladies Hi su2ie must have been typing together Denise hovercraft must have missed that post well done you
  13. crafty nannie

    Wet Wednesday

    Evening Eliza and su2ie, I am on babysitting duty as school holidays here, forgot how tired it makes you Hope you get comfy knitting place at next destination Eliza we have things set up just right at home and it can be difficult when away Su2ie wish I was fit for a daily walk, good luck with your poppers An early night for me again, hope you are all well
  14. crafty nannie


    Nice to hear from you Eliza let us know what exciting craft supplies you get I went wedding shoe hunting today, niamh helped getting me ones to try on, it's definitely flats as even low block heels painful on ankle, Nice to hear from you Denise you are being sensible on this holiday,no point overdoing it, Stonehenge would be good but lots of walking probably Su2ie let us know how your new design collar works out, Name change is lots of paperwork Hugs to all
  15. crafty nannie


    Hi Elisa pop on when you can, enjoy the NT places you visit Hope weather stays good
  16. crafty nannie


    Afternoon everyone, Hope you are all busy crafting, the sewing machine is out in my house Dinner is all prepared so I plan to sew quilt blocks Hope you are getting good weather those on holiday, it's rain showers here today, Have a good day ladies
  17. crafty nannie


    Evening ladies, I couldn't get on earlier, this site can be so slow Had my son and family here today so a lovely catch up Eliza hope you have a brilliant holiday with good weather Lisa nice teacher gifts and I love the caravan you embroidered on the cushion Suzy hope you are lucky at the casino, enjoy Su2ie hope you find time over the weekend to sew your top I finished the embroidery on the centre of Ruth's quilt, so I will be backing it tomorrow then onto the rest of the blocks Will say night night to you all, hope e everyone is well
  18. crafty nannie


    Eliza,glad you had a good wedding, poor you and zip bet you were glad of the jacket children did you proud so all good rest today Su2ie I often fall asleep around tea time and I don't have your busy life, you must have needed the sleep, Tracey, enjoy your Fridays again, especially in the nice weather Suzy, you will find your days quickly fill once the retirement novelty fades ,we don't know how we had time to work before, mind you every task takes longer these days Been to buy bulk dog food at a country store today and had lunch out, weather is nice so laundry on the line. Hope you are all well
  19. crafty nannie


    Suzy the cardi is so sweet, not sure what you think is wrong with it Denise hope you did rest before the big decrease and pack tomorrow Eliza hope tummy is ok and didn't spoil the wedding I am sure your dress was great, but if you feel better after altering it then that's the main thing, COMFY shoes essential Hope you had a great day , pics please Su2ie,did you get the sewing machine going, I need to get some sofa quilts done but I am really tired this week for some reason Was out with my friend today we visited the garden centre So a nice treat , ashamed to say I had a nap when I got home Hope you are all good, it's been a lovely sunny day here think I will be having an early night folks keep crafting
  20. crafty nannie

    Wednesday go get it Wales

    Evening, hope you have all had a good day, I was out most of the day getting my grandson and granddaughter to sort out technical problems on my kindle, I had lost all my music 69 downloaded CDs ...my granddaughter printed me off a parcel return label that I couldn't access , old age and technology don't mix, also went to my friend for coffee then a well known pub for tea, so a lazy day Best wishes on your retirement Suzy Eliza Hope the wedding is great tomorrow, get a pic for us in your outfit Linda, hope to see your turtle soon Glad you got out for a walk k&f Sorry Lisa ,Denise, su2ie,I can't remember what you were saying, ..memory loss well what can I say on subject I am worried about my memory, family keep pulling me up but what can one do Catch up with you all tomorrow
  21. crafty nannie


    Afternoon everyone, We have rain and it's been so heavy flooding rural roads Took dogs out to the woods, so I sat in car with crochet Then we stopped for coffee and a scone Pity the school is being so petty about the wedding, it makes you wish you had said nothing to them and just let them believe she was sick, I hope you enjoy your steak eliza I am sure you will look lovely in your outfit on Thursday Su2ie, at least it's your EX mil, you know she probably thinks nothing is her son's fault, he will be perfect in her eyes, ignore her, what was the party for I must have missed that post, sorry Linda lucky you strawberry and Sun too, enjoy your afternoon of tennis, is the turtle going to be ready on time? Denise hope you relax and enjoy the holiday after your hectic decorating spree, you deserve a complete change and pamper Lisa your embroidery is nice on the turquoise fabric, you will be able to make some lovely gifts Time for a wee fiesta I think , dogs all snoring except Ruth's dog who is still young and energetic, he will hopefully lie down soon Will pop back later crafty friends
  22. crafty nannie

    Monday s sunny day

    Hello you busy lot, I was at the woods this morning with dogs ,I took a flask of coffee with me and embroidery,stayed dry but overcast Went food shopping this afternoon and it poured of rain, unbelievable, we have Ruth's dog till Friday as they are on holiday so I hope it doesn't rain all week My son in law had his last intravenous drip this morning and they drained fluid from his leg, so he is being allowed home with oral antibiotics, report to his GP daily I hope you are feeling a bit better Linda Denise hope your on the mend Eliza busy lady your uncle sounds great K&f hope you are resting Sarah looks like alia enjoyed her birthday Lisa love the wolf candles Must parcel up some items for return yet again, post office here I come . Think dress is sorted at last will take pics Waiting on fascinator and shoes coming first Have a good evening folks
  23. crafty nannie

    Sewing Sunday?

    Evening ladies, I did try to come on earlier but had no luck,I tried for ages so I gave up This time page took ages to load Eliza I hang out washing in my pjs, we are quite secluded too at rear of the house, hope you enjoy rugby even if your not keen denise I hope you are not teaching that child to cheat lol Hope your cold clears soon Su2ie, did you get any sewing done,I well remember Sunday's when all the kids lived at home and needed baths and nails cut ,and hair washing ,then it was shoes to polish and uniforms ironed, busy busy
  24. crafty nannie


    Had a lovely 3course meal, I promised myself to start diet yesterday, but oh well had 3 large glasses of wine too ,no point in being bad by half measures So anyway just home should I dare to wire my ivy now or leave it till tomorrow, might embroider instead Denise you must be very tolerant with your hair, I get mine cut every 4-6 weeks or it drives me mad, it is poker straight so I can't do much with it I will catch you all tomorrow
  25. crafty nannie


    Hi me again, eldest daughter thought outfit my was good, but Ruth said (pink and grey) don't know if I fancy it, well she might lose this battle Met her future in-laws, had them here for coffee, we are going out for a meal shortly, all the talk was wedding, think the men are sick fed up with it My son in law is still getting intravenous antibiotic cocktail he hopes come Monday they will allow him to start oral meds, his leg is still dark red and swollen, Craft wise I am floating between embroidery, quilting, and table decorations, I think this evening I will wire the ivy for bouquet s, Lovely and sunny here but believe rain is forecast, Linda I love rhubarb, but Ruth's dog ate our root over the winter. We had it covered with a bucket and surrounded with manure,so he must have been passing wind for days afterwards, as only bucket was left Hi Tracey, I am like you with technology,lol Must go feed my dogs and chase hubby into shower prior to going out, bfn