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  1. Magsrobby

    Hi Everyone

    Hi everyone just wanted to introduce myself My name is Mags and i'm a disabled single mum, i love to knit and am learning to crochet it's a slow process tho lol i just can't seem to get the hang of it. I also make knitting stitch markers and personalised bag charms. I've just had carpal tunnel surgery so everything is on hold until the stitches come out then i am good to go again lol. Just wondering is there a tutorial on how to add a profile picture? i tried a couple of times but it doesn't seem to want to accept my picture. Looking forward to being part of the community here mags
  2. Magsrobby

    Esmerelda shawl

    Oh she does :-) Whenever I go to visit my parents she's either wearing it or its sat on her computer chair ready to keep the chill out when she's using her laptop
  3. Magsrobby

    Easter presents

    The pocket bunny pattern I got on craftsy.com it's a paid for pattern, I have several of the other patterns from the same lady and the others were free finds on ravelry The baskets took me about 2/3 hours to make and the chicks about an hour. Thanks for the welcome to the forum I'm looking forward to taking part ðŸ˜Å
  4. Magsrobby

    Easter presents

    I've made 3 sets of these for a friends kids for Easter
  5. Magsrobby

    Esmerelda shawl

    I made 3 of these as Christmas gifts, they were so easy to do. Unfortunately I couldn't find the recommended yarn so I substituted it with king cole galaxy which has sequins through it. All of them were very well received especially the one I made for my mum (pictured) Mags x
  6. Magsrobby

    help please with subscriber gift pattern

    pm sent many many thanks Mags
  7. Magsrobby

    help please with subscriber gift pattern

    awesome thanks so much
  8. hi all my first post here so i hope i make sense LOL I recently subscribed to knitting & crochet mag (issue 44) and the subscriber gift was the Indian Summer knitting kit. I have received the kit, however there was NO pattern included, just a bag of wool some needles, a little bit of ribbon and a couple of buttons. My daughter would love the scarf but without a proper pattern i'm a little wary about attempting to knit it for her as I am still relatively new to knitting and don't have a great deal of experience. i did ring customer service about it but they didn't seem to know anything about it either so I am hoping someone here can help me. Many thanks Maggi