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  1. Hi everyone,


    I know I haven't been around for a while, and I had fully planned to get online last week just to give you an update on how we were and then...


    ...on Thursday morning, more than 3 weeks before our due date, my waters broke and our very tiny daughter, Josephine Helen, was born by emergency C-Section at 11.38 that morning! I can tell you, it was quite a surprise. We knew she was breach so we had expected an elective section, but we had spent the morning calmly getting Ethan ready for nursery, then dropping him off before going to the hospital and fully expecting them to monitor us and send us home.


    But no - we arrived and within an hour we were in theatre and I was holding my brand new baby girl.


    Anyway, we're home from hospital now. Josephine is fine and I am recovering (both from the ordeal and from the shock of her early arrival). I'm taking it very easy but I am very, very happy.


    Hopefully I'll be back on board soon.


    With love to you all


    Nancy x

  2. I just wanted to let everyone know that all of the swaps arrived safely - @Stakreem, thank you so, so much. Unfortunately, my son found the tiny friend you made and has claimed it and nothing I can do can get him to give it back so I haven't much choice in the matter!!


    Anyway, just to let you know the swaps will be sent back out in the next couple of days. Thank you again, all of you most talented of ladies.

  3. Hi everyone,


    I know I have been very quiet recently as I have been trying to catch up with things, but I really do want to host the swaps so as I am a bit late, I will give an extended closing date. You can send swaps right up to the end of the month, 31st May, and I will get them sent back out as soon as possible.


    Anyway, the swaps this month are:


    1. Make a Card - Butterflies

    You will need to make one card which features butterflies in some way.







    2. Knitting or Crochet - Make a Tiny Friend

    You need to knit or crochet a small animal, doll or any other kind of friend or mascot. The only stipulation is it may not be bigger than 10cm or 4in tall.






    3. All Crafts - Celtic patterns

    You can make anything, as long as it features a celtic pattern. That means you can stitch, draw, collage, paint, knit or anything else, and you can make whatever you like - a bookmark, towel, pincushion, card, ATC, piece or jewellery or something I haven't even thought of.







    For everyone joining, I have moved house so as soon as you sign up I'll PM you with my new address. If you do send to my old address by accident, that's fine as I do have a postal redirect on, but it may not get to me as quickly.


    As usual, please send a SAE. Overseas are very welcome of course.

  4. It makes me so angry to read the troubles you are having. I just want to go and shout at the powers that be and force them to try and live under the kind of conditions they are expecting genuine people to live under. I am so, so sorry you have had to go through all of this and all of our thoughts and hopes are with you. I know it has already been sent, but no matter how awful you are feeling, you can come and talk here any time and you know we will support you.


    I think the thing that makes me most angry is I see evidence, even where I live, of people who are claiming various benefits and for all intents and purposes, there seems to be no logical reason why. There is a family in our street that is absolutely notorious for it, but for some reason they are untouched. I know it is a tiny, tiny percentage and that's what makes it worse. It is because of the very few people who do use the system that hundreds and thousands of genuine people end up losing out. It is absolutely infuriating.


    Sending you love and strength xx

  5. Well done, both Debbie and MT for the writing. Mine has stalled completely at the moment due to the house move and generally feeling overwhelmed by life, although I have entered two short story competitions in the last month (I have no hope of winning, but at least I entered). Only a month or so to go now before I need to start writing my dissertation, so I had better sort myself out!


    Debbie, sounds like your papercrafting is going really well too. It will be great to hear how you get on with all of the challenges.

  6. I just wanted to add to this, because just two days after I posted, everything went wrong. The bank pulled out of the mortgage leaving us completely stuck - we had exchanged so we had to buy the house (or we would stand to lose an eye-watering amount of money) but we were left with no way to buy it. We have spent time since pulling together every penny we can, borrowing from parents and relatives just to get enough money together to get the house bought. It had been absolutely awful.


    As such, we are living out of boxes and we have to be out of our current house by the 15th April. We should hopefully have everything sorted with a view to moving next weekend, but I am so paranoid now, I just can't relax. 


    As such, I completely forgot I was supposed to be hosting swaps this month, and I have already apologised to Louise for letting everyone down but while I can't confirm my address yet and I don't want anything to get lost with mail redirects etc. I just don't want to take the risk and host it. Also, I can't get to all of my own craft stuff so my contribution wouldn't be very good.


    I hope you can all forgive me and I will definitely host as soon as  (and if!) we are settled. My life feels a bit like the London buses at the moment - just way too many all coming at once...

  7. Hello everyone!


    I am sorry I haven't been around for a little while. We're in the throes of moving house at the moment - we finally exchanged on the house we offered on last December and we should be moving within the next few weeks so everything is all over the place. Most of my craft stuff has been packed away in boxes as our landlords are selling our house too so we've had to keep it tidy for viewings. It has all been pretty stressful and I can't wait until we finally move in and I can get everything sorted out again.


    The bump is growing very nicely - in fact, in two hours time we are off for our 20 week scan and I am going to finally find out if it is a boy or a girl! I am very excited! I feel great except I do get a lot more tired when I play with Ethan than I used to.


    Because of the impending arrival of baby in August, I have really been focusing on my studies as I have to get the first draft of my MA dissertation written by baby due date. That means I have been really working hard to  keep up with my coursework so I can get my semester essays in almost immediately and then get started on the dissertation. That means crafting has taken something of a backseat and I have had my head buried in books for most of the past couple of months.


    I do hope everyone is OK and I will resurface once this move is done and life is feeling slightly less chaotic!


    Love to you all xx

  8. I love to see what other people collect. I don't think I really collect anything at the moment, except maybe books, but that isn't a conscious thing. Perhaps it would be more accurate to say I 'amass' books rather than collect them with any kind of system!


    When I was a very little girl, I used to collect My Little Ponies. I think my Mum still has my collection so I would love to have a little girl so I could pass them on to her. When I was a bit older, in my later teenage years, I used to collect cows and dragons.