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  1. martingale-2012

    laser front card,small male tentfold cards with envelopes

    Really elegant cards, Rosie.
  2. martingale-2012

    Fist two pages of my Grunge Book, Baby Book

    Gorgeous, Bobsie. This is going to be a real keepsake when it is finished.
  3. Can now see the photos and they are FABULOUS! Wow!!
  4. martingale-2012

    May Postcard swap - BIRDS - to me by 24 May

    They have both arrived - thank you! The swaps will be returned shortly - and thank you both for taking part xx
  5. Hi everyone, With the sun shining and the birds all singing outside, the theme for this month's postcard swap is BIRDS You only need to send one postcard, 6 x 4 inches, with SAE to me by the 24th May. I am also doing the topper swap so if anyone wants to sign up to both, you can combine the postage. And overseas welcome of course! martingale-2012 Fenicia Maritrez
  6. martingale-2012

    May Topper Swap - SHOPPING - to me by 24th May

    It arrived safely. As it is just the two of us, the swap will be in the post very shortly!
  7. The theme of the May topper swap is SHOPPING I am really looking forward to seeing how everyone interprets it! Two toppers to me by the 24th May with a SAE. Overseas always welcome of course. I am also doing the postcard swap so feel free to combine postage if you are doing them both. martingale-2012 Maritrez
  8. martingale-2012

    The fictional character name game

    Tess Durbeyfield (from Tess of the D'Urbervilles)
  9. martingale-2012

    June swaps is put on hold!!

    Thanks for letting us know, Louise. Looking forward to discovering how the revamp goes.
  10. martingale-2012

    2 small centre step cards and one decorated with button

    These are beautiful, and I love how you have finished them off with a matching homemade envelope as well.
  11. martingale-2012

    A bit of a plea

    I can only imagine the loss you must be feeling. I am chief cook and bottle-washer for my 4 cats as well and I would be utterly devastated if I were to lose any of them. Signed by me too...
  12. martingale-2012

    Blasted spammers

    Things do seem to be a lot better on this new forum. The shame is, as soon as new forum software is developed to protect against them, they come up with a new way to get through! Honestly, I don't know why they bother? They can't get that many people clicking on their links can they? Although, I supposed when it barely costs them anything to send out millions of messages, they probably don't care. Grrr!
  13. I can't see the photos :-( But congratulations anyway! I hope you bought a whole pile of copies of the paper to keep.
  14. martingale-2012

    A lovely weekend in the Peak District

    What gorgeous photos! You could definitely use some of them in your projects, but actually they are so beautiful they could just as easily be blown up and hung on the wall.
  15. martingale-2012

    Eh what's going on.

    Hope you're feeling better today, Mary. And Maggie, it is a little difficult to get used to but the forum is so much quicker now with almost no pesky spammers, so it is a huge improvement! I hope you get used to it soon.
  16. martingale-2012

    May Card Swap

    Running a bit late this month, Sam - sorry! It will be in the post first class for you tomorrow morning so it should arrive Tuesday (everything crossed - fingers, toes, eyes etc.)
  17. martingale-2012

    MISS MAY!!!

    Congratulations, Wendy. Wear your tiara with pride!
  18. martingale-2012

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning everyone. Just noticed the font has changed on the forum... Still cold here in Surrey. Whatever happened to summer? Will it ever arrive? I have been so busy with end of academic year assignments and an 18 month old who is going through separation anxiety and just won't let me go. I've also got lots of little crafty and cross-stitch projects for exchanges to get done so that is keeping me out of mischief. With Ethan at nursery today, I have about a million things to do. Only good thing is now that the university year has finished for me, I don't have to go back on campus until early October so I will have two days a week to myself to catch up on studies and try to get a bit of rare Nancy-time. I hope everyone is doing OK?
  19. martingale-2012

    Back with good news.

    What fantastic news, Marilyn. I do hope everything just gets better from here.
  20. martingale-2012

    May Postcard swap - BIRDS - to me by 24 May

    Added, thank you MT xx
  21. martingale-2012

    May Topper Swap - SHOPPING - to me by 24th May

    Added, MT. Thank you xx
  22. martingale-2012

    Saturday woes.

    I am so sorry for you. I do hope you recover soon. But it is nice to see the usual positive Mary shining through even after your dreadful Saturday!
  23. I wanted to send a public thank you to Bobsie for the gorgeous RAK which arrived in the post on Saturday. It was so thoughtful. When I opened the parcel, out came a beautiful card, some lovely handmade soap and some crafty bits which were just lovely. Thank you, Robyn for your kindness. I feel very, very touched.
  24. martingale-2012

    few more 3x3 cards

    I love the fact you have made envelopes for them as well.
  25. martingale-2012

    wedding card

    It is lovely - I don't think it is plain jane at all. The minimalist look is very effective.