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  1. martingale-2012

    Hi Guys

    Bobsie, how lovely to see you! I have thought about you so many times, wondering where you were. I was starting to get worried! So good to see you back - it sounds like you have had a very busy time indeed. Enjoy the New Forest and hopefully we'll see more of you soon.
  2. martingale-2012


    You're a woman after my heart (and crafty time), MT. I cannot say no to a cross stitch swap! Definitely put me down.
  3. martingale-2012

    AUGUST All Crafts Swap - The Beach

    Both added - thank you!
  4. martingale-2012


    Ooo, happy birthday!!! I hope you have a fabulous day xxxx
  5. martingale-2012

    AUGUST All Crafts Swap - The Beach

    Lets hope so! it would be lovely to have you involved, Louise.
  6. martingale-2012

    PaperCrafter issue 62 challenge!

    What a lovely prize. Enjoy!
  7. martingale-2012


    Thank you so much for the lovely papers and the card, MT! I am so sorry you had to put extra postage on the envelope. Next time, just send me an addressed envelope and I'll put postage on for you to make up for it.
  8. martingale-2012

    How to cope with the hot weather

    I am so sorry you're suffering, Mary. It is difficult when you are not used to it. Because this is the kind of summer we get every year in Australia, it feels just like home to me! However, just some advice from experience... The most important thing is to drink. Drink, drink, drink - ensure you are getting enough water, especially if you are going out. It is so easy to get dehydrated. Keep all of the blinds and curtains closed to keep the house cool. Have you got an electric fan? Just moving the air around can be very refreshing. It is the reason why in very hot countries, most people have ceiling fans in every room as they can be very effective. We have a floor fan in Ethan's room which helps him to sleep just by keeping a breeze on him. Obviously, try to keep exertion to a minimum. It is a great excuse to sit quietly and read a book or a magazine. Leave housework etc. to another time - it isn't going anywhere. Oh and take a hand fan with you on the bus tomorrow as well. I always think ladies look so sophisticated when they sit there fanning themselves with a pretty fan. Take is slowly, take lots of rests. I hope you manage OK.
  9. martingale-2012


    Hi MT - count me in. So glad to get the swaps back up and running!
  10. martingale-2012

    August Magazine

    I wanted to say I loved the Mag as well, although I felt a little bit like a child who is allowed to walk past the candy shop window, but not allowed in when it came to the CD. It looked so lovely, but I am on a Mac, and we only have Macs in the house and it wasn't Mac compatible. Never mind - I sent it to a crafty pen pal of mine in Spain who never gets access to any of our lovely magazines and she is so thrilled with it, so it has gone to very good use. Mary, I do hope you get things sorted out. I definitely seems like something on your computer, as I don't have any links at all.
  11. martingale-2012

    Swaps are now open, if you'd like to host one please shout :)

    I'll host an All Crafts swap and a knitting and crochet one - would you like me to pick a month? I am more than happy if you just want to allocate me to a month. I'm pretty flexible. Very excited to find out how they are to work.
  12. martingale-2012

    hospital update

    I hope things are OK for you. It's not a pleasant procedure, but necessary to make sure everything is identified. Do let us know how the results go. Hugs to you.
  13. martingale-2012

    Hi Everyone

    Hi - I have been thinking about you wondering how you were getting on? Sorry things haven't been great but that is fantastic that you have got yourself a bargain with the Big Shot. It is great when you come across something like that, isn't it. I would recommend hunting around charity shops as well for embossing folders and dies. I found an entire Sizzix alphabet die set from my local charity shop for £4.99 which I was amazed at. I would never have been able to afford it new. When I took everything out I found that as well as the whole alphabet, there were 9 other dies of different shapes. So it is possible to build your collection very cheaply if you happen to be at the right place at the right time. How is things going with all of the house problems? I do hope the arthritis calms down for you. Lovely to see you back.
  14. martingale-2012

    its quiet

    I guess we are all incredibly busy over summer. I find my 'days off' (when Ethan is at nursery) go so quickly I am sure that somehow hours have been reduced to 45 minutes each. Must be austerity measures!
  15. martingale-2012

    Give Away - Tiggertastic

    Hi and welcome back - I am also one of the 'new faces' having only been on here since September last year. I hope you enjoy getting back into the swing of the forum. I have been incredibly busy recently with assignments, toddlers and various craft projects I have to finish as gifts so I haven't been online as much as normal, but I do try to check in regularly. Ooo, I get lucky 13! 1 tiggertastic 2 sarah 3 gaynor 4 paperkate 5 fenicia 6 mama bee 7 bobsie 8 frangipane 9 spyder 10 barbara19 11 Rachelsian19 12 Angelgonemad 13 martingale-2013
  16. martingale-2012

    I have returned :)

    It sounds like a fantastically relaxing holiday. So glad you had such a good time.
  17. martingale-2012

    Phew! What a week.

    Sounds like a lovely time - tea at the Ritz! What a wonderful treat. I do hope that the MRI scan turns out OK and keep enjoying yourselves.
  18. martingale-2012

    What's your favourite swaps?

    I love ATC swaps and bookmark swaps - they're definitely my two favourite. I also really like card swaps. I'd love to do more knitting swaps although I am pretty sure someone mentioned it already. I haven't done one yet, so I would like to give it a go.
  19. martingale-2012

    Phew been busy busy busy

    I hope the weather wasn't too unkind for your outdoor cleaning efforts. It is like winter here so out garden looks a complete mess, even though we tried to do a clean up a couple of weeks ago!
  20. martingale-2012

    Catching up

    I am sorry you have been having such a difficult time of things lately, but it is great that you are still managing to be creative and you are using the resources you have. Treasure hunting sounds wonderful! What a lovely way to find precious little bits and pieces. It is also great to be out of doors and by the sea too - I love the sea and I miss being near it. Do keep posting and we'd love to see some of your crafty makes. Incidentally, sometimes you can find 'treasure' in terms of old magazines in charity shops. I have been lucky a couple of times and found craft magazines which I bought for 50p. Although they are hard to find. I'm convinced the ladies who work in the charity shops all grab the good crafty stuff before it comes out. I know I would!
  21. martingale-2012


    I am sure it won't take you long to get back into it. It is really a lot quicker and easier. Welcome back!
  22. martingale-2012

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning everyone. Robyn, it sounds like you had a fantastic week away. I do hope the cold passes soon, although you've got some wonderful memories now to help you get through it. Pips, I hope you're not working too hard... Been enormously busy here - I have assignments due as well as all sorts of little crafty projects which need to be finished. I just never seem to have enough hours in the day to do everything I want to. Enjoy the sunshine everyone x
  23. martingale-2012

    do you remember me

    Of course we remember you! I am so sorry to hear you have been unwell. It is really lovely to see you and I do hope you are recovering now. Hugs to you.