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  1. martingale-2012

    lacy look borderabilities

    They make a lovely pair. It was definitely worth making the mistake as the pink one is gorgeous.
  2. martingale-2012

    My first Engagement Card Order

    Lovely. I always find whenever I try to stick individual letters, they never turn out straight or perfectly spaced, so I am so impressed at how perfect yours look.
  3. martingale-2012

    Beside the sea

    Its good to be given these challenges though. Because look what you come up with! It's definitely worth it to build your confidence and the results look great so far. I'm keen to see the Meccano card though.
  4. martingale-2012

    Yesterdays pyshio

    Poor thing - it is frustrating, isn't it. But I am sure you know that if you rush it, it won't make things better. I do hope the withdrawal is smooth and the physio can help you so you can be back, fighting fit, as soon as possible.
  5. martingale-2012

    Online Card Shops :) Bargain!

    I didn't realise The Every Crafts a Pound store had a website - thank you. I was at the Creative Crafts show last Thursday in Esher and bought a bag full of stuff from that stand. It was fantastic for things like album covers and embellishments. It's nice to know I don't have to wait until the next show before I can buy from them again.
  6. martingale-2012

    September Creations

    It is really beautiful and striking - I love the black and white combination.
  7. martingale-2012

    Packaging for your home-makes when selling -- advice?

    Goodness, Aisles - there is so much to it! I didn't have any idea. Not that I am quite quick enough at making things to ever be able to set up a full craft stall at this stage, but I've always wanted to. I wouldn't have had a clue. I am still curious though, and I know I have asked this before about the copyright, but if you have patterns which are 60+ years old, are they out of copyright?
  8. martingale-2012

    SEPTEMBER All Crafts Swap - Autumn

    Thank you xx
  9. Thank you so much for the gorgeous little cross stitched magnetic card and thank you also for the amazing RAKs. You are way too generous! I especially love the teeny tiny little envelopes which match the papers - they are just so cute.
  10. martingale-2012

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning everyone - I haven't been on much recently as had a lot going on. I am now deep into exam revision for my Cognitive Psychology exam on 10 Oct. I haven't been very good in keeping up with the coursework so it is going to be a tough 5 weeks coming up.
  11. martingale-2012

    SEPTEMBER All Crafts Swap - Autumn

    Both added - thank you!
  12. martingale-2012

    hospital this morning

    Poor you - I know how you feel. Ironically enough, just as I saw you post this I was on the phone getting my appointment for a colonoscopy as well. Not at all pleasant but fingers crossed all the results turn out OK for you.
  13. martingale-2012

    AUGUST All Crafts Swap - The Beach

    Just an update - all of the wonderful crafty bits have arrived and I will send them out either tomorrow or Tuesday as I need to get to the post office. I am having a challenge deciding which one to keep as they are all so fantastic! I'll post a picture shortly - thank you everyone.
  14. martingale-2012

    AUGUST All Crafts Swap - The Beach

    Now that we are having some lovely hot weather, the theme for this swap is The Beach! Because this is an All Crafts swap, you can interpret it in whatever media form you like. It doesn't have to be paper crafted if you have another idea, but some suggestions include: * A card * A bookmark * A couple of ATCs * A postcard * Anything else you can think of? Please get your crafty creation to me by 20th August with a SAE. International swappers are very welcome. If you haven't got my address, please PM me. I can't wait to see your seaside creations. Taking Part Fenicia Crafty Nannie Martingale MT
  15. martingale-2012

    I'm back!

    I hope the move has gone well and you are enjoying your new home.
  16. martingale-2012

    AUGUST All Crafts Swap - The Beach

    Of course! I wouldn't send the swap back out until everyone's has arrived. I have just had a huge pile of post so I will go through it and hopefully yours will be in there, so I'll put photos up shortly and send out very soon.
  17. martingale-2012


    Will get mine sent off to you tomorrow. Had a mild panic there when I thought it needed to be with you by the 20th and was about to apologise profusely, but actually, it should be with you early!
  18. martingale-2012

    Nervous about Hospital

    Good luck. I do hope everything goes well. Thinking of you xx
  19. martingale-2012

    Odd earings

    I am so glad I am not the only one. I have a little jewellery box full of odd earrings. I have no idea why I keep them. I go through my earrings periodically and put all of the odd ones in one box...then leave them there as I don't have the heart to throw them away. I am sure I should be able to craft with them somehow. Anyone got any ideas for crafting with odd earrings?
  20. martingale-2012

    Crossed fingers needed please!

    You poor thing. My heart really goes out to you and I am so mad at the injustice of it and the blind assumptions that people make. I know this is intensely stressful, but you can't let them beat you down. You have a genuine claim, and you deserve to receive it. No matter how tough it is, you have to keep fighting.
  21. martingale-2012

    Just popping by..

    I hope everything is going OK. Packing is a nightmare, but it will all be worth it when you have settled in. Good luck with it all.
  22. martingale-2012

    August ATC swap - Summer Fun - swap done and photo added

    Glad it arrived OK!
  23. martingale-2012

    AUGUST All Crafts Swap - The Beach

    Thanks Fenicia - I'll look out for it. x
  24. martingale-2012

    Wow, so cheap!

    They're very cute.
  25. martingale-2012

    Crossed fingers needed please!

    Good luck - I really hope everything goes well for you today. It makes me so angry as well that the fakers make things so difficult for the people like yourself who are genuine need. Thanks to them, everyone is 'guilty before proven innocent' - no wonder you are under so much stress. Everything is crossed for you.