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  1. martingale-2012

    Autumn birthday

    Wow, that is really lovely. I really love the colour scheme
  2. martingale-2012

    The Good Morning Thread

    Good morning everyone and thank you Becci and Claire for the welcome. I love the natural knitting yarn picture! Although it is giving me flashbacks of our hideous ferry journey across to Guernsey last Saturday which was really rough due to the stormy weather. Both my partner and my poor little boy were sick the whole way. I was running the Guernsey marathon on Sunday so it wasn't the best way to spend the day before running 26.2 miles. It's nice to be back though. Ethan has gone for his very first morning at nursery this morning so I am sitting here trying not to think about him otherwise I might cry! I am sure he'll be fine. Going to spend the next hour finishing a thank you card for our neighbour who looked after our cats while we were away, then have coffee with a friend in the village and then I can go and pick him up. I hope everyone is having a lovely day.
  3. martingale-2012

    Beads on Cards

    As part of my newbie enthusiasm for the fun of card making, I raided my sewing box and discovered that many years ago I had bought a large bag of mixed beads. They range in size from several centimetres diameter down to seed beads in all different colours, shapes and materials. I think I can understand how seed beads can be used on cards, but how would I use the larger beads? Would they be too bulky?
  4. martingale-2012

    New user

    Hi StefanieL - I'm new too so it is good to meet you.
  5. martingale-2012

    The Good Morning Thread

    I'm only new, but I have been reading this thread and I thought - what a lovely idea! I hope nobody minds if I just pop in and say hello to everyone and I hope they have a lovely long weekend. We're just about to pack up ourselves and baby Ethan to go to Guernsey for a couple of days - we've been warned the crossing is going to be rough... Nancy
  6. martingale-2012

    Beads on Cards

    What fantastic ideas! Thank you. I love the idea for a box for the card - are they easy to make? I also hadn't even thought about combining jewellery making with cards - I've never tried making jewellery so that could be fun. Better go and get the dinner things tidied and the baby to bed so I can get experimenting...
  7. Hi, I'm Nancy. I discovered card making only a few weeks ago and I am absolutely hooked. I have been a cross-stitcher for many years and I also love sewing (my grandmother was a professional seamstress, so it is in the family). This is the first time I have looked at a crafty forum and it looks like fun - normally I am a bit reluctant to get on forums as people aren't always very nice. But from what I have looked at here, it seems the crafting community is different! I am a Mum of a very busy 9 month old boy and I am just about to go back to University to do an MA in Creative Writing. It's funny how we leave all of these things until later in life (children and finally pursuing something I have always wanted to do). But perhaps it just makes them even more special. I am really looking forward to getting involved here and learning from everyone else!