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  1. MollyMoos

    Help with interchangeable knitting sets.

    Oh fantastic! I'll be putting some on my list momentarily then. Thanks a lot you guys!
  2. I'm trying to put together a christmas list and I'd love to learn to knit on the round. I've tried it once and it was great, messy, but good fun. I thought about getting a starter set such as the Knit Pro Symphonie or even the acrylic starter set and, this is going to sound silly, I wasn't sure if it would come with enough needles. You need two circular needles to knit on the round which would be 4 detachable tips in a set? Do you get that many in a set or do you need to supplement it after? Sorry if this sounds silly, I'm just quite new to using more than two needles
  3. MollyMoos

    Missing Issue 45 Pattern!

    Sorted! Elaine came to my rescue, thank you!
  4. MollyMoos

    Missing Issue 45 Pattern!

    Thank you! I've only just started the pattern and it's just my luck that I forget to bring the magazine home with me!
  5. I'm not sure if anyone can help me, but I've left my copy of issue 45 at my boyfriends house and I won't be back there for a while. I've just started knitting the love-heart and stripes cushion pattern, that I think featured in a small image on the cover, but I can't finish it without the magazine. Is there somewhere online I could find the pattern for it, or would it be possible for someone to put it up or message it to me? Either would be fantastic! Thank you in advance!