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  1. Aisles

    Help with a waistband on a dress please!

    How I would do it be with 3 pieces piece A the top piece B the waist band piece c the skirt. sew the skirt panels together. Do to lines of hand stitching with large running stitch along the top of the skirt so you have 2 tramlined. Sew the top of the dress to the waist band. skirt bit pull the two lines of running stitch this causes the gathers for your gathered skirt untill you can pin the waist band around it. Once all pinned nicely together machine sew your gather skirt to the waistband. all done. You can then do a zigzag finish on the edge where the top of the dress was sewn to the top edge of your waistband and to the same for the seam where the skirt was sown to the bottom end of the waistband.
  2. Aisles

    Adhesive query

    I prefer double sided sticky tape myself but I also use glue spots and those prit sticks.
  3. Aisles

    Hi All

    Hello and welcome from a fellow knitter
  4. Aisles

    Inspiration please

    how about decorations, or toys like teddy bears in all different colours? Multi coloured baby items.
  5. Aisles

    my introduction

    Big hello and welcome
  6. Aisles

    Sending candies to my friends abroad.

    Sorry I've no idea
  7. Aisles

    Christmas Hearts

    Thank you both oh those little Father Christmas cost me 16p but I did buy 25 of them so got a wee bit off the overall price.
  8. Aisles

    Christmas Hearts

    Well the knitted ones are now completed a set of 3 of the red sparkle ones and a set of 6 of the maroon and white ones.
  9. Aisles

    A few purple hearts

    Thank you
  10. Aisles

    Hello agan

    welcome back bluebell but you'll notice it's rather dead around here of late I'm afraid. I think a lot of people have moved to other forums. Well done with the cardie knitting I'm also doing a wee bit of cross stitch and I'm running 2 Christmas decoration exchanges on 2 different forums and I'm crossing a Christmas heart decoration for one of them. I've finished my knitted heart decorations and now onto my crochet heart decorations.
  11. a couple of years ago I made some tiny Christmas Decorations for my small White Christmas Tree I place in my porch. But I ended up giving a few of them away to friends who saw them on the tree. So I've decided to make a few more to replace the given away ones. So far I've made two I think I need to make at another 2 or 3
  12. Aisles

    Matte Finish

    I wonder if you might have to contact mod Podge and ask if they have a product that is more of a Matt finish.
  13. Aisles

    How to get a reply?

    I've just read you first post but I can't help you as it's not my area so sorry and btw welcome
  14. Aisles

    A few purple hearts

    These are the purple and white ones I've finished
  15. Aisles

    National Sewing Month

    Ohhh that's interesting.