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  1. Good afternoon one and all, We were overwhelmed by the number of entries for our last challenge - even more so because it showed just how amazingly charitable you all are! This month, we've decided to try something a bit different and set quite a broad scope: We'd like you to knit or crochet something inspired by a summer garden - this could be flora or fauna related, or even tools you might find in your garden. We don't mind what you choose to make as long as it can be traced back to a summer's garden, and the prize will go to the project deemed by the judges to be the most creative. If you have any questions at all give me a shout, otherwise.... Are you ready? Get set... Knit (or crochet!)
  2. Glad everyone's as excited as we are! In answer to your question - yes, please do feel free to submit more than one entry! Naida :cheese:
  3. A very good morning to you all on this first official day of Spring! As many of you probably know, a couple of our fellow forum members are collecting knitted or crocheted squares with a view to creating blankets for charity. We think this is a fantastic idea, and to get more people involved, we've decided to coincide the charity squares collection with this month's challenge. To read the original post, click HERE So, this month's challenge is a spring themed 10 x 10 cm knitted or crocheted square - the more adventurous/ unique/ unusual the better!! For inspiration, there is a gallery of squares already submitted for the charity blankets HERE, but don't forget to post your entries to this thread to be in the running for our challenge prizes!! Unlike our other challenges, we will be accepting multiple entries AND you can submit images of squares that you've already sent off to be made up. We also ask that you kindly post off your entries to our marvellous collectors, so that they can be sewn up. We will provide details of where to post them in due course. The closing date is FRIDAY 22ND MARCH, and winners will be announced on Monday the 25th. If there are any queries or comments, give me a shout, otherwise, READY, STEADY....KNIT!!!! Naida :cheese:
  4. Okie dokie, the time has come to reveal the winners of the Charity Blanket Challenge..... As ever, we think each and every entry deserves a jolly good pat on the back and we're really impressed with everyone's efforts - more so because it's all for such a good cause. Thank you so much to all for entering and for contributing towards this wonderful cause. Also, a huge thank you to Linda and Denise for organising this charity blanket - it's such a wonderful thing to volunteer to do and is really lovely to see everyone come together for a communal cause. Kerry and I have had a go too, and will be posting our efforts off to Denise this week. Without further ado, the challenge winners are.... (drumroll please) *Knitnstitch Sue (Rabbit) *Aisles (Red and Yellow granny square) *Stakreem - Linda (Bavarian square) CONGRATULATIONS!!! If all winners could please message me with your addresses, your prizes will be posted to you soon! Take care everyone, thanks so much for entering and well done to our winners! Naida :cheese:
  5. Aloha everyone! The weather may be particularly frightful, but here at LK our day is being brightened by all of your wonderful submissions for the charity squares challenge! Please check back at 4pm this afternoon to find out which squares have been chosen, and until then sit tight, stay warm, and have a lovely day! Naida :cheese:
  6. Hello everyone, and HAPPY NEW YEAR! With 2013 under-way, we're thinking about the surprises the year might have in store, and also about learning new skills or brushing up on those abandoned. Speaking of which, this month's question is: DO YOU LIKE TO CROCHET? If so, how long have you been doing it for and how did you get into it? If not, have you ever tried? Have you perhaps been put off? We'd love to hear your responses! Take care, TTFN Naida :cheese:
  7. Morning! Aisles: yes please - if you could post your square or squares that are being entered into this challenge in here, then also post a picture on the gallery, that'd be absolutely fantastic. Hope this is okay with everyone - looking forward to seeing your creations! Naida :)
  8. Afternoon all! We'll start spreading the word about this via the Let's Knit facebook and twitter as of today, throughout February and March. It will also be appearing in Inspiration Station in the April issue, which is out in the first week of March. Apologies it could not go in the March issue as planned, however with the regular online reminders over the next month or so, hopefully we should gather up quite a bit of support! Take care and I'll keep you posted! :cheese:
  9. Good morning all! Hope everyone is staying safe and warm in this chilly (and snowy) weather! Speaking of which, the Snowman Challenge is absolutely fantastic! Anyway, slightly later than usual, we have a winner for the Finger Puppet Challenge. Firstly, thank you to those who entered - as always we enjoyed them all! However, there can only be one winner..... (Drum roll please) CONGRATULATIONS GOOSE! Your Old Macdonald theme made us chuckle! Please send me a PM with where you would like your prize posted! Well done everyone, TTFN Naida :cheese:
  10. Hello! Following such a fantastic response to the hat challenge, we've been racking our brains to find something that will equally capture your imagination. As the last one was quite hefty, this time around we've decided to set something creative and crafty, but hopefully not too time consuming! And so, we present to you.... THE FINGER PUPPET CHALLENGE Once again you are free to use whatever yarn you like, and both knitting and crochet are accepted. It's just the one finger puppet per entry, however, if you would like to make more than one to be part of a set, then the group together will be considered as one entry. Any questions, do give me a shout. Oh, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!! Naida :cheese:
  11. Thank you for entering! We're loving your adorable little puppet makes. Hope you had fun making them! The competition is now closed - our winner will be announced shortly in the Hall of Fame. Naida :cheese:
  12. Good afternoon one and all! The Christmas season is fast approaching, and the cold weather is well and truly here (anyone else witness the snow today?!). We've been thinking warm thoughts like comfy knitted socks... which are always a welcome addition to wear, but what about when it comes to knitting them? This month's question is: DO YOU ENJOY KNITTING SOCKS? Naida :cheese:
  13. Thank you, once again, for all of your amazing entries. It has been such a struggle picking a winner... Which is why we couldn't just pick one. This month, we have THREE WINNERS and ONE SPECIAL COMMENDATION PROJECT. Our Special Commendation Project is MARITREZ'S POLAR BEAR HAT Please message over your postal address for your prize! OUR THREE WINNERS ARE: KNITTINGQUEENUK – Fair Isle hat MAGPIESDELIGHTS – Cat hat PAPERKATE - Cap Please message your postal addresses for your prizes! CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!! Thank you so much for entering, you were all incredible. Until next time…. Naida :cheese:
  14. Hi everyone! Following such a positive response to our last challenge, this time around we wanted to set something that would get you equally as excited and inspired, so we came up with: THE HAT CHALLENGE We're not setting too many restrictions - you are free to use whatever yarn you like, and the hat can be any style and for any age or gender - both knitting and crochet accepted! We've decided to allow six weeks for this to make sure you have enough time to really get creative! Any questions, do give me a shout. Happy hat making and good luck!!! Naida :cheese:
  15. Needles down...time's up!! Firstly, here at LK we'd just like to say OH MY GOODNESS at the sheer quality and ingenuity of your entries. The response has been fantastic, and as ever, choosing a winner has not been easy. The results will be posted in the Hall of Fame shortly...... Thank you so much for taking part! Naida :cheese:
  16. Good afternoon all! This month's question is: "Have you ever taught anyone to knit?" We'd love to hear your stories! Naida
  17. Afternoon everyone! Hope all is well wherever you are and you're wrapping up nice and warm as the cold weather hones in. Hopefully you'll all have picked up the gorgeous December issue and have witnessed first-hand the variety of patterns and the lovely little Vintage Knits book! We struggled to pick favourites at LK HQ when it came to the welcome page, but given the festive season I opted for Travis the adorable penguin. How about you? What were your favourites this month? Naida
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    Hello all! As the free downloadable vintage patterns from the LK61 Vintage Winter Booklets are a bit tucked away, here's a quick one-stop shop to all four patterns... enjoy! EASY CHUNKY BERET here CHOKER AND BRACELET here VINTAGE PURSE here CUTE RUFFLE SCARF here
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    Ah perfect, thanks very much!! Naida :cheese:
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    Hi! Unfortunately the links above aren't hyperlinked (so you can't click on them and go straight through to the pattern). However, if you want to get to the Vintage Purse Pattern, copy the link under where it says Vintage Purse, and paste it into your browser. To copy the link, highlight it using the cursor on your mouse, then right click on it and select 'copy'. The go to your browser, right click again and select 'paste'. Any problems let me know! Naida :cheese:
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    Marley pattern baby boots

    Hi Jude_60, The Rico Alpaca is a DK weight Naida
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    LK61 December - favourite makes?

    Hi! We loved the Cecily hat too, and your crochet flower idea sounds great! Can't wait to see the photo! Naida
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    Marley pattern baby boots

    Morning! Is there a box called "Knit Kit" in your pattern download? It should read as follows: Yarn: Rico Essentials Alpaca, (A) shade 001 Nature, ( shade 002 Beige, © shade Camel, Rico Fashion Romance, (D) shade 001 Ivory For colour version One and Two: (A) one 50g ball, ( one 50g ball, (D) one 25g ball For colour version Three: (A) one 50g ball, © one 50g ball, (D) one 25g ball Needles: 4mm Crochet hook: 3.75mm Tapestry needle Buttons: wooden, four; vintage, four Strong thread or yarn for buttons and toggles: 4 metres Small backing buttons as required For size three: scraps of leather or felt to make toggles Hope that helps! Naida
  24. Naida.Ally

    Marley pattern baby boots

    Hello! Hopefully I can shed some light on this, although I appreciate it is confusing! Of the four yarns given, to make one pair of either colour version one, two or three, you need 3 of the yarns as you use two of them doubled up for the cuff. Unlike in the magazine, the images online aren't labelled as to which colour version they are, so I've uploaded them to this thread and named each one. If you hover your mouse over the image you should see which is which. Hope this helps, but let me know if it's not clear! Naida :-)
  25. Haha. Yes, just to confirm, it's one entry per person. Naida