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  1. Hi as a complete beginner in sewing and knitting etc I have found it frustrating that there are not clearer instructions for the various projects. In this instance I refer to the scatter cushion in issue 41. The instructions to make the cushion up are to use an embroidery needle to " work v shaped feather stitches over each seam" I have no idea what a feather stitch is and how to do a v shaped one ..it would be great if the magazine had more tutorials and would teach more . If there is a project and you are asked to do a certain stitch it should explain how to do this.I have bought the magazine and have found the projects lovely but have not been able to finish a lot of them because of lack of clear tutorials. This has stopped me from buying any further issues but I would definatlely buy the magazine if it would teach me to actually do the projects.
  2. sannimc

    issue 41 mouse toy

    thanks i thought it was a cast off but wasnt sure ..thanks for clearing up
  3. beginner knitter and understood and was able to get to the end of pattern but how to cast off..at the end it just says..." pass all stitches over first stitch pull tight and secure .. no idea what this means. anyone ?