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  1. Not at all! I'll be delighted.
  2. marsp

    Show us Your Makes!

    Here is my owl from LGC issue 48 and the votive cosy from issue 50.
  3. I've also knitted a second one, smaller; and I'm using both on jars.
  4. Great! thanks. I've finished it and it looks lovely.
  5. Has the update disappeared? Or is it me going crazy?
  6. Thanks! I'll give it another go.
  7. Hi! I got issue 50 yesterday and started knitting the votive cosy, but I think there is a mistake in row 3. The first time, I thought I wasn't paying attention to the knitting properly and I had made a mistake. So I started all over, but it still wasn't looking right and I was one stitch short. If I'm not mistaken, you need 50 stitches for row 3, but there are only 49 on the needle. The problem is, I'm not experienced enough to figure out how to fix it. Should it be k1 (yfwd, sl1...) instead of k1 (k1, yfwd, sl1...)? Thanks. :-) M.
  8. Great! Thank you both for your help.
  9. Hi! Is it possible to get the free patterns from previous issues? I have knitted the stripy bag from issue 42 and I would love to make the matching purse as well, but I didn't download the pattern at the time and I can't get it now. Thanks