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  1. bud10

    re introducing myself

    I remember you I was wondering if the forum was even still going, so put in my name and here I am. Work (dirty word I know) had to take the front seat, but I still knit and crochet when I can X Will keep an eye on here and check back.
  2. bud10


    Good afternoon all. Hope all is well with you and if the weather is horrid/cold/unsafe to go out in, that you are warm and crafting. I have just finished the sleighs with DD. Two have grown up chocolate on top, three have childrens chocolate on top. I have one more to make but need another run to the shop first I'm off in a mo to do some more knitting. I'm trying to finish my birthday brought wool/xmas present to myself before the big day. Only problem is, the lamp i brought for behind my chair failed two days ago. It was one of those with LED's and it just stopped working. The shop refunded me but im left with my headtorch again and it eats batteries. Ok my mini moan is out of the way Stay warm everyone. xx
  3. bud10


    Good afternoon all. Chilly windy rainy day here today so will try to stay out of it. I will have to walk the dog but only a quick run round the block. I say run, more of a fast walk really. Linda i love those tiny jars! I am also planning to do the candy cane sleighs. I will post a pic when done. Glad you had a better sleep Goose. Hope you get the crochet done. I believe you need a resting day today CN after the fairs yesterday. Good to see you Su2ie. Chocolate for the secret santa? I mean who doesn't like chocolate? Hope the Dr's went well Eliza, then you too can relax, especially if the rain is still coming down. Keep warm and well everyone. xx
  4. bud10


    Evening. Just a quick note to say glad the car fixed. Hope everyone is well and crafting. Stay well and warm. xx Oh lovely dog too. x
  5. bud10


    Good morning. *whispers* the weather isn't too bad here either. I do feel for those in Cumbria though. Right, just spent a marathon time reading back through all the posts i had missed. Trees and babies first Christmas Keeping warm and eating cake? Christmas card writing or not as the case may be...... and a naughty car. And on that note Eliza, do you belong to the [email protected], [email protected] or other, because if you do, they can come to you to see what is wrong. Just say you need to be somewhere and the car is playing up and they will have a look. I started writing my cards out on Friday, but only got a few done before having to put them to one side. So that is a job to finish. Although we have my stepson over today, so it may have to wait a day or three (again). Our tree won't be going up until the 13th. I will post a pic when done though. Sarah, we have a window in town with what sounds like the same animation of Santa on a loop. I'm with you though. It's a bit creepy, but i think the kids will love it Right i'm still in my PJ's, so better go and shower! xx
  6. bud10


    Hello all. So glad that people seem to be getting some sleep. Even if it is in the early evening. It all counts. Glad the eye appt went well Linda. Sometimes the best people are in the right jobs and things go smoothly. Pleased for you he was kind. My DH has sleep apnoea and wears a mask to keep him breathing in the night. Unfortunately next door seem to be getting up for a wee in the night and as it is so quiet we can hear them walking around. This wakes him up. This wakes me up, so it has been a bit fraught at times recently here Plenty else going on here to keep even the heaviest sleeper awake with worry but you have to keep putting one foot in front of the other don't you? Sorry for the moan Not been watching the pottery thing or Kirsty Addicted to the aussie jungle Will try to find Kirsty on catch up sometime. Hope everyone is still smiling. (i am) xx
  7. bud10


    Hello all. Nothing of note to report from Somerset apart from the rain had stopped here too today!! Been running around like the proverbial headless chicken today and am ready for a cuppa and a sit down. Feels like i have been on the go for days not hours. If i feel so inclined later i will be knitting too. Hope everyone is good and keeps warm. xx
  8. Finally getting round to posting pics of FO's and one UFO. I have also posted some of these in the right places/sections of the forum. My version of pepe. Winter headband and fingerless gloves. Snowmen tree ornaments and brooches. And my UFO, a scrapwool rug for DS's room. xx
  9. bud10

    Finished bits and pieces

    Finally getting round to posting pics of FO. Here is some bits i found i had photographed a little while ago. Two snowmen tree ornaments and some brooches i made. xx
  10. bud10

    Pepe pug

    Finally Finished a version of Pepe. I guess my strength is not in sewing. Well following a pattern anyway. The main thing i guess is that i am as pleased as i will ever be with him.
  11. bud10


    I cannot convey the pictures in my head K&F, with the naughty hot water bottle I agree. Plain is best.... Am i having a good day? I have had better. My health is blooming after losing my gallbladder so i will concentrate on that. So i see that a few of you are still having trouble sleeping. I'm afraid i have no words of wisdom to offer. Lavender is supposed to help, but otherwise i guess just keep trying till something works. (sorry i have always been very good at stating the bleeding obvious) On a positive note DD had a college interview yesterday afternoon and has been accepted (conditionally- she has to get 'c' or above in her exams) to study photography. Very proud mum and dad. And i wish i had a camera in my hand to capture her face as she came out. Beaming. I have been knitting/crocheting/sewing and as i said earlier taking pics so i will gather myself together by the week-end and post the lot. Well done Goose. Just make sure you don't find it again now that you have lost it! Right i need to get on with boring but necessary stuff. Keep warm and keep crafting. xx
  12. bud10


    Happy Birthday Eliza. Hello to all. Been around just busy Will eventually get round to posting pics now it works again. Hope all are well. xx
  13. bud10

    D Day Wednesday

    Well done on surviving the demolition Eliza. I'm with K&F. I think i would have gone crazy. Well unless they got me helping of course. The glossing took a little longer than i thought, DD was back a while before i had finished but i'm just glad it is out of the way now. Well ok one room down, two to go sorry, three if you count repainting the bathroom ceiling. Somebody (DH ) started, using the wrong colour. Off white instead of bright white. In bad lighting you cannot see it, but I know it needs it sometime . I hope everyone has a peaceful, crafty evening. I will be glued to itv2 as it is Back to the future night xx
  14. bud10

    D Day Wednesday

    Hello again. Sunny here atm, but as with Goose it is quite windy. Two sills and a quarter of the skirting glossed, just had a bite to eat and will get cracking to finish before DD home from school at 3.30 (fingers crossed). for your bestie Goose. *whispers* are you being naughty Su2ie? or was it too good to miss? The rain stayed off till I got back; plus I had the car so not awful Vibrating furniture? Bet you want to go on another walk Eliza, if only to escape the dust. Right, better get moving.... xx
  15. bud10

    D Day Wednesday

    Keeping fingers crossed for you Eliza that not too much dust is created . Wet start here today, so a soggy shop for me. Will try to BBL. xx