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  1. *suga*

    Current projects

    I am currently making a beanie type hat. It's on double pointed needles which is a bit of a challenge. I am doing it in cashmerino wool in navy, it's to go with a pair of gloves (although the gloves were a different type of wool. I also have on the go a knitted bag. Yep, still making them......the i bag is in a tray colour and it will be lined in a nice fabric. It's a gift for a friend, when I eventually get it finished.
  2. *suga*

    I learnt to knit

    Thanks all. I am really enjoying knitting. All my ,makes have gone to new homes.mreally need to try and make something for me at some point. They eyelash wool was so fiddly on the lilac cardi but it's so soft, well worth it.
  3. *suga*

    I learnt to knit

    Thanks Goose. I have been practicing. I can even undo errors with out starting over, read patterns, and sew bits together. Currently having a go at my first hat on double pointed needles and have completed a pair of gloves. Have way to much wool in the house
  4. *suga*

    I learnt to knit

    Last couple of items are below.
  5. *suga*

    I learnt to knit

    Some of my knitted projects from the last year which I mainly devoted to learning how to knit.
  6. *suga*

    Been away..

    After jiining the forum some2 years ago ishhhhhhh I took a little break to concentrate on learning new skills. I have mainly been learning to knit and have continued to dabble in a bit of crochet. I am still making cards and attending the occasional event with sale items and giveaways. It's been fun. Knitting projects from the last year are in the knitting forum. Hope all are well. Going to have.a catch up on threads and current topics over the rest of the weekend. 😄
  7. *suga*

    Been a long time......

    Been a long time since I posted here in the card forum. Been a busy couple of months with card creations. Have recently completed one event this month and have another coming up next weekend. Working recently on holistic themed cards which are very theraputic. Sorted my xmas ideas out as well which I shall make a start on towards the end of the month. Away to see what you have all been creating recently. Good to be back.
  8. *suga*

    gift box

    I love it. All of your boxes are so gorgeous! Love it! Love it! love it!
  9. *suga*

    New Bag

    Well to stick with my tradition of making bags...... I have completed another one. This one is all my own work. I chained 80 stitches and then worked the coloured rows x 5 in double crochet with cream rows inbetween of double crochet and trebbles. The strap is double crochet and i have even managed to put in a zipper. Both sides are the same. Its taken me about 3 weeks to make it. Hope you like - as I love it!
  10. *suga*

    Drizzly wednesday

    Hello ladies. Been a busy past week/weekend here. My folks came up to see me for 4 days so have been visiting places and seeing the sights. Today I am working from home and am trying to clear some of the paperwork i have prior to being away next week on a training course. Been to the town this mroning to get a key cut for my neighbour and get some cash for OH incase he needs to get a taxi whilst I am away. Have been doing a little crochet - I am making yet another bag (mildy obsessed) and have finished the sides and stitched that part together. I have made a handle and have got one side to stitch in place (tonight). I am considering lning the bag - although the stitches are quite tight so may not need to and am going to attempt to sew in a zip. ON monday my neighbour showed me how to do cross stitch as I brought a little kit at the hobby show in march. I have only done a little bit so far but am enjoying it. Cross stitch will be a new skill. Its been roasting up here in scotland. We had the front and back door open yesterday along with teh windows and I saw 28degrees at one point on the temp gauage on the car. Hoping the breeze will continue and we will get some cooler days. I managed to get sunburnt on the weekend walking round some gardens. Ekk. Have a lovely day today - take it easy in the heat.
  11. *suga*

    Stay at home friday

    Its miserable here as well. Mind you hardly surprising as its glastonbury weekend and of course the british grandprix and then there's wimbledon. All guaranted to bring the rain to our island. Working this morning - kinda. And got the afternoon off as holiday. Have been to the supermarket already at 7am. Planning on doing some crochet this afternoon whilst watching tv.. Bliss. Your clearing out sounds great Goose. Hope you get through as much today as yesterday.
  12. *suga*

    Have you ever sold Christmas cards?

    I made and sold some christmas cards last year. They cost to make between 75p - £1.00. (including: card, envelope, cellophane bag, fixings (glue, tape, foam pads) stamp, ink, pencil/pen (colouring in materials), backing papers, gems (decoration/ finishing touches), time for making them. I sold them for £1.00 to £1.50p. Each card came in a cellophane bag (helps with presentation) and for ease I had a theme last year. The few that I sold was at an open evening held locally. Looking to do the same this year at a christmas fayre, which means I will seriously need to start thinking about designs soon. Tips: Consider variety in terms of size of card, type of decoration/image, personalisation of cards, colour co-ordination. Obtain feedback as to what works and what doesn't from impartial people. Have plenty of stock available if you are attending an event with your creations. Think about what/how you will produce further creations if asked and if asked at short notice. I may come back with more.....
  13. *suga*

    Can you help

    Goose i think your right about the secc at glasgow in october. Its a really busy event and is a good place for selling and buying. Seems to attract sellers from all over the uk and would be a great place for meeting others - especially as there is usually a "celebrity" crafter there as well. I have found when attending that i take my budget with me and then blow it slightly as there are always so many goodies on display. Are you able to potentially sell selection packs to any crafting suppliers
  14. *suga*

    Draught Excluder

    I was a little concerned about how the end would close - stop over excited zipping and the slider coming off which is why we decided on press studs. Now have the studs so will have to start stitching it soon. (Can't put it off for ever.......).
  15. *suga*

    Draught Excluder

    Looked at long zips on rolls and cutting them down but got a tad scared at the thought. Decided to go with press studs and are picking them up today. Going to try and stitch the inner bag today.....maybe...... :-) thanks for your help.