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    The Name Game

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    Count to 1,000,000

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    The Food Game

    apple pie
  4. i have just got myself a second hand sewing machine and am a bit confused by some of the symbols. i have only had one sewing machine previous to this one and that was a singer hand wheel one that only did straight stitching. this machine i have got is a crown point and the only manual i have been able to find online for it is for a different model but from this i have managed to find out how to do the straight stitching and the zig zags. the symbol on the left of the picture is the only one i don't understand what it does. when i flick the switch to it all it seem to do is to lower the foot bit that grips the fabric to move it so that it no longer moves the fabric and the needle then just goes up and down in the same spot on straight stitch and side to side on the same spot for zig zag anyone got any clues as to what this symbol means and what it is for?
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    confused by symbol on sewing machine

    Thanks very much for that. I have never heard of freeform embroidery before, I will definitely be having a look at that :-)
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    The New Word Association Thread

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    The Name Game

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    Count to 1,000,000

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    Homework Helper.

    this is really cute
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    Ta da - Finished Tamara

    this is a gorgeous vest the colours are lovely. it looks like a very fiddly and complicated pattern proper brain hurting stuff.
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    Ferdinand the fox

    he looks fantastic
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    Percival the penguin from LGC

    what a great cheeky looking chappy
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    A pony for P.

    gorgeous, what a lovely surprise to come home to
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    Name that Tune

    New York, New York
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    Count to 1,000,000

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    The Food Game

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    sunset jumper

    finished this jumper last night. loved trying it on as it is so snuggly. Shame the sunshine seems to have disappered for now as its too cold to wear it.
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    how to hold needles

    i was just wondering if anyone has any tips on how to hold kitting needles. i hold mine like i hold my knife and fork with my hands on top of them. i have always knitted this way since i learnt when i was a kid so its hard to change now but i am finding that the i am getting pins and needle pains in my left hand and arm this way now, especially as the knitting grows. My mum knits with her needles tucked into her armpits but i find this impossible to do as i move my needles around alot.
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    The Name Game

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    Thistle & Flower

    these look fab. its no wonder your mate is wanting you to make them for her wedding they will look stunning. :-)
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    Willow Cat.

    what a great looking cat. Willow seems very happy and contented. :-)
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    how to hold needles

    i've had a little look around the internet for holding needles and had a few goes at holding them different but it just felt so wrong and weird. the one that really confused me was holding the yarn in the left hand my brain and fingers just wouldn't work together. having paid more attention to how i knit i realized i am one of those thats takes their right hand completely off the needle to make a stitch. When i do this i am gripping the right needle in my left hand tightly and i think it is this causing the pins and needles. to stop me from doing this i have started to rest my right needle on my leg and now i dont have to grip so hard with my left hand. This does seem to be making a difference so hopefully i will be able to keep knitting this way and therefore knitting for longer at a time :-)
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    Name that Tune

    ABC - Jackson Five
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    Hi there, My day today is going to mainly consist of HW getting the place looking a bit neater and cleaner. Which i must say i have avoided quite well so far by messing about on the computer and playing a game on my DS. Must get my act together and make a start. Have a good day everyone.
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    Count to 1,000,000