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  1. marys magical

    what die to use

    I've just got a big shot as a late birthday present . as well as papercrafting I also enjoy applique.Money and space are both tight so I'm looking for a die that would do for both hobbies any suggestions thanks mary
  2. marys magical

    what glue to use for scrapbooking

    I'm new to scrapbooking and having problems finding the right glue to use. a shop recommended Anitat's tacky pva glue but I find this hard to spread and am left with wrinkles when I stick my papers on my scrapbooking page..the paper also gets very floppy and hard to position and I am often left with ugly black sticky marks when it dries any help before I become unstuck
  3. marys magical

    big shot or cuttlebug

    I want to get a dye cutting machine (late birthday present ) but I can't decide whether to get a big shot or cuttlebug .Along with papercrating I also enjoy sewing and was hoping I could get a machine that will also me cut out shape to applique. I've heard you can cut out felt and material with the big shot . but I'm not sure about the cuttlebut. some sites I've looked at say you can and some you can't. Can you use any dyes on both machines or do they have to be that specific brand - thanks for any help
  4. marys magical

    what glue for scrapbooking

    I'm new to scrapboking and am having problems finding the right glue to stick papers with. a shop recommended Anitas tacky pva glue. but I find it hard to spread and am often left with wrinkles when I stick the paper to my scrapbooking page. I'm also finding my papers get very wet and floppy making them hard to get in the right position. and am often left with ugly black marks when the glue dries. any suggestions please before I become unstuck
  5. marys magical

    Sew Magazine FREE Downloads - Find Them All Here!

    delighted with the hot water bottle cover template . i wanted to make one for my sister for christmas and was thinking i'd have to wade through the internett to find one. :-) thanks again - mar