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  1. craftylynney

    Guess your SSs here......

    YAy I got it in one! Thanks CLaire! x
  2. craftylynney

    Claire Willis has had the baby!!

    Ooo congrats Claire. Lovely lil baby girl to dress and make nice things for!
  3. craftylynney

    Guess your SSs here......

    I'm gonna guess that mine is Claire? xx
  4. craftylynney

    Advice on hair-pulling??

    Oh dear this sounds horrible. My lil sis used to wrap her hair round her dummy and put it in her mouth, she ended up bald at the front for a while even when her hair was tied back. Fortunately this was just a phase and she has a lovely full head of hair now. It could just be a nervous thing maybe with the baby coming or is there something happening at school? Talk to her maybe that's all she needs.
  5. I sent mine yesterday! Just wanna say a massive thank you to the person who included a lil pressie for my Scotty boy! Ever so kind of you, and he got excited when he saw his name (he's learning to read) xxx
  6. sending tomorrow! Received mine today x
  7. craftylynney

    First Granny Square

    Lovely colours welll done on your first attempt x
  8. craftylynney

    yoy yo scarf in less than 50 shades!!!!

    Wowo this is gorge I love this and the colours are fabby! x
  9. craftylynney

    Crochet coaster set ;-) xxx

    These are gorgeous x
  10. craftylynney

    mad thought

    LOL monky botlers with lil hats awww they are so cute! x
  11. craftylynney

    Purple mainly beanie :) I'm on a roll!!

    Oooo that's pretty! WHat loom do you have? xx
  12. craftylynney

    The Good Morning Thread

    Aw Debbie you sound like you're having a bad time! Chin up darl things will work out! xxx
  13. craftylynney

    outdoor wear

    Awww these are so cute I love the bootees! x
  14. craftylynney

    First ever crocheted hat!

    Thanks again everyone. I want to embroider a face onto it but I'm scared in case I ruin it (or rueen it a Stewie Griffin would say lol), what should I do should I add one or should I leave it the way it is? x
  15. craftylynney

    Little Donkey

    Aw this is soooo cute I wnat one x