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  1. sew 4316

    Claire-Free Louise Hardie Shell Top

    It looks fabulous. And isn't it satisfying to know you've made it with a bargain piece of fabric? (Especially when it looks like an expensive designer garment!)
  2. sew 4316

    hand sewn pixie

    That happens to me too, Eliza28!!! Glad you are feeling better, Crafty Nannie. Hope the pixie magic keeps you that way! it's beautiful. Hx
  3. sew 4316

    Patchwork Coasters and Place Mats

    Thank-you for the info and advice. Hx
  4. sew 4316

    I've set myself a challenge

    Go for it, Aisles, and good luck! I try to make or adapt all my own clothes now, but I've never been brave enough to set myself a time-target. Huge respect to you. Hx
  5. sew 4316

    Patchwork Coasters and Place Mats

    They are gorgeous. Did you use any special wadding? I've heard it is possible to get heat-resistant wadding, but I'm not sure if it is necessary for place-mats. Is it only important for something like oven gloves? Hx
  6. sew 4316

    Coasters and Placemats question

    You've done me a real favour with this question! A friend's daughter is getting married later this year, and has place-mats and coasters on her gift list. I was thinking of making some, but wasn't sure how many would constitute a set. Seeing everyone's answers, I'm now thinking six - to be on the safe side! Thank-you, all. H.x
  7. sew 4316

    What's your favourite sewing notion?

    I'm not sure how I would manage without my seam-ripper ("quick-unpick"). Hx
  8. sew 4316

    A Manly quilt

    Gorgeous! H.x
  9. sew 4316

    WIP headless fairies

    Beautiful - but also very funny without their heads. And so I will share my fairy joke. Q - What do you call a fairy who doesn't wash? A - Stinkerbell! Look forward to seeing them complete. H.x
  10. sew 4316

    Eager newbie!...

    Glad to hear you are meeting the stitchers' code - "sewing forever, housework never!" Enjoy! Hx
  11. sew 4316

    Eager newbie!...

    Hi BebopTalulah (great name!) Bigbunniesuk's advice is great. Stick to straight lines and well-behaved fabric (such as cotton or poly-cotton) until you feel more confident. The patchworkers and quilters might shoot me down for the advice I am about to offer, but I always find a rotary cutter and a ruler really helpful for when those squares don't quite match! I don't do a lot of patchwork, but I do find it a very useful starting point with any new machine. I have my "guilt quilt" in pieces in a drawer, which I started when I got my last machine about seven years ago (hence the guilt!). One day I will get around to finishing it, but I know I will have to tidy up the squares before stitching if I want them all to line up! I've also discovered crazy patchwork, which is great because it's all sewn in straight lines, but doesn't need to line up! The best of all worlds . You will get the hang of it, and I am sure you will become highly accomplished since you have the most important qualities - passion and enjoyment! Just by indulging those, you will be building your experience and knowledge. Have a ball! Hx
  12. sew 4316

    Show us Your Sewing Makes!

    That baby Heefalump has so much character! Beautiful. Hx
  13. sew 4316

    Gingerbreadies _um..pic added...

  14. sew 4316

    How to make an Armani shirt from a cheaper shirt

    Hi Omar, I'm not sure if what you are talking about are tucks/pleats or darts (one would give the kind of loose shaping that would normally be seen on the back of a shirt, and the other would give a more defined shaping with the fabric more precisely placed.) Can you supply pictures to illustrate what you mean? Hx
  15. sew 4316

    Patchwork Christmas tree

    That is absolutely gorgeous! Hx