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    Sewing, sewing and sewing!!! I love it!
  1. sarahs40

    Hello Everyone!!

    Hello, I'm Sarah, I joined a while ago and have just stumbled back here again!! What a great forum!! And what a talented crowd of makers on here!! I love sewing, have dabbled in cross stitch, tapestry and card making, and am currently organising my Christmas makes!! Hope to chat to lots of you lovely people soon!! Best wishes Sarah
  2. sarahs40

    Say hello to Bella

    How gorgeous is she!!??? I have a bear pattern all cut and ready to sew. You've inspired me now. If it comes out half as lovely as your Bella I'll be a very happy bunny...or bear?!! Lol! Sarah
  3. sarahs40

    Sewing machine advice please

    Your first sewing machine!! How exciting! It is better if you could get the chance to try a few out as Elizajane said. I too swear by Brother machines. I much prefer a drop in type bobbin. Much less fiddly& never had issues with it. For free motion embroidery, even if you get a machine where you can't drop the feed dogs (the metal teeth on the plate bit that push the fabric through-please excuse me if I'm over simplifying) you can get a plastic plate that fit over the feed dogs as I did with my old Toyota rs2000. £99 from Argos years ago, goes like a bomb, couldn't fault it. My advice though is keep an eye out on gumtree, or your local newspaper for anyone selling one. Most of us sewing types would throw in a free lesson with a machine, or let you try it first!! Good luck, and please let us know what you get!! Hope I've helped you a bit! Best wishes Sarah