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  1. fairyhedgehog

    43 Cafetiere cosy pattern

    Thank you.
  2. fairyhedgehog

    43 Cafetiere cosy pattern

    It's OK. I made it with dc and it's fine. I think the base chain should be 62 not 61 as well.
  3. I'm having trouble with this. The number of stitches is wrong at the beginning of Row 2, there should be 2stitches into the first stitch. But even worse, I started with trebles as stated in the pattern but it looks to me like the cosy is actually made with dc (or sc as I more often think of it these days!) Have I got that right? If not, then there are big gaps at the base of the ripples.
  4. That looks really great! I love how you've used the colours.
  5. He looks good to me! The feet are fine, maybe a teensy bit overstuffed if anything but they look great anyway!
  6. fairyhedgehog

    Back issues

    Thank you!
  7. Thanks, luva! I'd love to see your penguin anyway! If you had trouble with the feet I'm sure there are people in here who could help you. I was confused at first, too, and needed a hand.
  8. fairyhedgehog

    Back issues

    Is it possible to get hold of back issues of the magazine? If so, how do I do that?
  9. I don't have this pattern, but when you do dc I think you usually do a chain first, to bring your yarn up to the right height for the stitch. You don't count that chain. This would make sense of the pattern rows you've quoted. I'm assuming it's the UK dc, i.e. hook through stitch, yarn over, pull yarn through stitch (two loops now on hook), yarn over, pull yarn through both loops. I'm used to US patterns where this stitch is called single crochet! ETA: Oops! I didn't see the other answers! Sorry, I'm not used to the format of these forums yet.
  10. I finally finished the penguin!
  11. fairyhedgehog

    Wool substitutions issue #38

    I'm sure it's my monitor that's the problem, and Deramores are lovely and are letting me return the yarn that won't go. The trouble is that I have nowhere local that sells these yarns. I prefer to buy when I can see the wool and I like to support local shops, but only if they stock what I need!
  12. A sneak peek sounds like fun!
  13. Those look lovely. Issue #38 is my first one and I'm loving it too but I'm going much slower than you are! Is it really a whole week to wait till #39 comes out?