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  1. jenniferlou

    I attempted to make cubes....

    Ohhhhhhhhh what shall you do with them. x
  2. jenniferlou

    So this is where it began.....

    Your first set of cards are fab they remind me of the Scandinavian designs that are oh so popular. Love them. As for me I'm a terrible card crafter. I had one attempt recently and somebody went on blog and poo pooed it so I removed it immediately. Shame about the billions and billions of free yummie papers and stamps I keep hoarding from Crafts Beautiful! What is a woman to do, they are far to gorgeous to throw away. Decoupage maybe........ x
  3. jenniferlou

    Glass Sweets and spiders!!!

    You learnt how to do that on one course! That is stunning. I hate spiders but they are absolutely incredible. You should leave them round your house. Trouble is someone might try to smoosh one! x
  4. jenniferlou

    Granny Squares

    Sounds wonderful. I started with Granny Squares. I recently bought a fantastic book on Granny Squares and the variety is immense. I struggled to understand some patterns as I'm still a novice. If in doubt search it out! on the internet of course. I love granny squares and there are some fabulous ones with intricate flowers on them etc. Amazing. x
  5. So far I keep stabbing myself. Moving on to a different project until I get the right tools. I like the idea of making holes for maybe brads and then I could do some corset type shoes. I gotta take slower steps though I think. Thanks for the tips. x
  6. jenniferlou

    Show us Your Sewing Makes!

    Another one for the sofa. x
  7. jenniferlou

    My makes with free fabric from issue 35

    I was boring and just made the cushion. I've got a fetish for soft sofa treats. x
  8. jenniferlou

    CK Tasty Strawberry Quilted Cushion

    Yesterday, I spent time cutting and sizing my pieces to make this delectable delight! I love it and it's sat beautifully on my sofa. What do you think? I used my sewing machine to applique the heart, which I've never done before and I'm super happy with the results. The other cushions are some other tasty things I have been making x
  9. I've just started a project to customise my shoes and I'm really looking for a super strong needle that will penetrate leather and other thick materials. I don't want to just glue fabric to my shoes as I feel like I will not be very good at doing this in a way that is professional enough to wear. So I want to Blanket Stitch and Back Stitch on to my shoes. I also am planning on making a glorious chunky red bow to go on the front of each. Fresh, Fab and Funky I hope. We'll see how it goes. I've found it fairly difficult to get the fabric to fit over the shoes neatly to shape. Any tips for this would be great. x Pics are on my blog. x
  10. One is for my lovely hubby. It's abit feminine though lol . x The other two are just sweet cushions for my sofa, which needed dressing up. I am getting lots of practice with my sewing machine. x
  11. jenniferlou

    My SEW Patchwork Cushion

    I can see you've started something, next thing you know all the men around the country will be going to work in Vest and Tshirts as their ladies have used their shirts. x
  12. jenniferlou

    Sooo Pleased!!

    Adore Craft Magazines, especially when you open one up and for some unexplained reason you see one of your little handmade treasures in them. Congratulations, you deserve it, quilling is to hard for me. I remember getting the magazine with all the quilling kits and giving up after two attempts. My patience was very thin. x
  13. jenniferlou


    They look so squishy! Like one of those stress relief cushions. x The lady getting them is a lucky girl, she better deserve it. x
  14. jenniferlou

    Whatever happened to Macrame????

    It is without a doubt, definitely still around. Shambala bracelets are super popular at the moment and they use Macrame knots and it's definitely coming back into trend, not that I know how to do it. x
  15. jenniferlou

    Grrrrrrrufffff - meet Fido!!!!

    Very beautiful. Fido is super cute. Must be extremely hard to do, I know absolutely nothing about glass bead making. Looks super complexed. x