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  1. Mistress Pimperella

    Crafts Beautiful - Members of the Month

    How do we Nominate a Member? xx
  2. Mistress Pimperella

    Where do we all live?

    Always been a Manchester Lass lol Born and Bred in Bury. Went to Farmer Uni in Preston Then lived in South Manchester for a while. Sold house to move to Oldham, wish we never had as it has been voted most miserable place in the UK and it is true. Sold up and bought bigger house with Bigger Garden in Middleton, Manchester. Been here nearly 5 years now and never been happier. 1 short bus ride to Manchester (Where Hubby works) but only a short walk into countryside and forests. OK so it rains A LOT! But that means more reason to Craft and Sew lol I can't give blood due to being Very very Low Blood Pressure, Being on huge amounts of Opiate Based Painkillers and well, Being 'Batpoocrazy' if anyone comes at me with a needle (Great when I have to have mass blood tests every 6 months to check my liver and kidneys are working ok still lol) BUT even tho I can't give blood, I have made it well known (and registered) that if I die, They can take EVERYTHING of use. Even thinking of having a Tattoo to state so to speed things up so they get as much from me as possible. They can take every bit even for study. I won't need it. I know my dad helped a lot of people when he died. His eyes helped 4 people to see. The skin from his back helped burn victims. Aswell as other bits. Made me proud to know that he carried on helping people even after he was gone.
  3. Mistress Pimperella

    comp win

    Have Pm'd Lynne. I am in Manchester and was thinking of going on Saturday when Hubby is off and I get the day to myself with my mum lol Sorry you can't go. I know I am always gutted that more things are down south and I am unable to travel so far due to my illness and Injuries. (and not being able to Drive or have a car if I did lol, That doesn't help lol)
  4. Mistress Pimperella

    I have been chosen as a Finalist on 'The Dress Factor' comp!!!

    It's been a bit odd since Monday. Midnight on Monday 20th was the closing date for the photos to be in. Since then I have felt like a huge part of me is missing lol. I know it seems odd, but the dress really took over my life for the past month! Hubby put my machine away and told me I needed to rest and catch up on some sleep. I really needed it, I have slept like a log first few days lol Now all I can do is wait now. The winner will be announced on the 31st of August on the Sewing Directory and Abakhan websites. I'm going to be stuck at the PC that morning, on pins lol I did get my machine back out on Thursday. Finished the binding I was putting on a skirt I had made. I've now decided it's missing something so I have popped it to one side while I think and got the shirt out I was part way through for my Husband. Sleeves need sewing on, sides sewing together and then hemming up the bottom. Then putting on Buttons. I do get a bit obsessive about stitching. I hate it if my line goes off and have been known to pick it all out and start again. It's mainly down to my Autistic brain just not accepting it and I can't settle if I don't get it right (I cried a few times making the dress lol). The Cotton Lawn Floral Fabric is available on the Abakhan website. I was surprised when it came cause it is just soooo soft and floaty. That made it even better for my niece as she has a contact allergy as in if her clothes rub against her or is too tight on her skin, she blisters. So when making anything for her I have to take that into consideration, and things like French seams and hidden hems also mean that it doesn't irritate her and cause her to scratch. Tho the other day, I did feel kinda special when my niece nagged to speak to me on the phone (she's only 2 and a half) Jenny: 'Auntie Waura. Can I have a Dress Please?' 'Yes Princess, What Dress would you like? Jenny: Erm, Tinkerbell. PinkiePie. and a PIRATE DRESS!!!!' Do you want to write a list with Mummy? Jenny: 'Yes! Thank you Auntie Waura!' Made me feel really good inside that she has so much confidence in me to make her lots more dresses and Costumes lol
  5. Mistress Pimperella

    I have been chosen as a Finalist on 'The Dress Factor' comp!!!

    Thank you all so much. It truly has been a labour of love (and tears lol) Now all I can do is wait. The results will be announced on the 31st of August. 1 of my cousins phoned my sister today to ask if she could 'test the water' with me over Designing and making a dress for her 30th Next year lol and my older Niece Katie is wanting some Lolita style dresses aswell. And my sister wants some Princess Dress up dresses and My Little Pony Dresses made up for Jennifer lol. So looks like I have made a rod for my own back in doing this dress as 'ALL' my extended family now know about my dress making where as before only a 3rd did.
  6. Mistress Pimperella


    Congrats to you Lynne for winning Miss August! xx
  7. Mistress Pimperella

    I have been chosen as a Finalist on 'The Dress Factor' comp!!!

    and some photos of my seams/hems/embroidered appliquéd flowers. Inside Seam of shoulder. The bodice is lined with the white Background fabric and the outer is the black background. French Seams. New to me. Ain't it maddening when you sew the fabric the wrong way and have to unpick it. lol. Twice I did this. But that's what happens when you are sewing at 5am while watching Quincy! lol and flowers! The dress has a total of 50 Embroidered and Appliquéd Flowers. This took the longest time to do. Nights and Nights of Stitching round Interfaced flowers from the fabric. Choosing which ones to do etc. Def the most tedious part.
  8. Mistress Pimperella

    I have been chosen as a Finalist on 'The Dress Factor' comp!!!

    Well, Summer Hols and Kids at home. I have really had my work cut out. Was only able to sew during the night, so I have been sleeping very odd hours (Nowt new for me lol) But I finally finished my Dress Factor Dress. I have sent in half of the photos as I need to take some fresh pics in the daylight. But I went over to my sisters for a little photoshoot with my niece. We had to clip the back as it's the next size up for her so that she will get full use out of it for the whole of next summer. This is my gorgeous Niece Jennifer in her Dress Factor Dress. The closing date is midnight on Monday and the winner will be announce on the 31st of August! I feel a bit sick to be honest as I have never done anything like this before. It's the first time I have done French Seams. The second time I have done Pleats. And the first time I have ever designed a dress and actually made a pattern first instead of 'Draping' fabric on my dress dummies and just working it out as I go. So it was a lot of new things that I learned as I made it. I hope you like anyhoo. Just seeing how much my niece loved it ment a lot to me.
  9. Mistress Pimperella

    Dressmakers Dummy

    Have a look on Ebay. That would be my first choice to start a search. I have a few now and they have been very cheap. When searching, have a look at local ebayers to see if you can save on postage by collecting. I got a men's Torso for £5. It's great for me as it's fibreglass and can be used to make armour builds on. So many different types available now and if you are just starting out I would start off cheap and if it becomes a passion, then you could spend that bit more on a super adjustable one.
  10. Mistress Pimperella

    good places to order fabric online?

    www.Fabricland.co.uk www.abakhan.co.uk ?? And check out Ebay to see what bargains can be found.
  11. Mistress Pimperella


    Huge Congrats and hope you enjoy your prize (My daughter has pinched some of my prize lol)
  12. Mistress Pimperella

    advice on sewing letters onto fabric

    I think that unless you are planning on 'Free Sewing', your machine needs to have a 'letters/Numbers' function. (Like extra Stitch function. Your machine manual or googling your machine will tell you functions you have.) If you need a new machine to do the letters for you, while looking at new machine stitch functions they will state if they have an Alphabet stitch function. Seem's to be more on the LCD Screen/Digital Function Machines. Doesn't necessarily have to be an embroidery Machine just to do the basic Alphabet letters and Numbers, Just that it has that stitch function.
  13. Mistress Pimperella

    Technical sewing advice please

    I think for what you are wanting it would work better with a Release Tuck if you have a range of sizes. It would also mean that they all have that bit of give for 'Time of the month' (I know I retain water and I'm a size 6/8 and go up to an 8/10 and I have certain clothes that I can not wear for squeezing Reasons.) So if you have the option for some movement in size without going for Elastic, then go for it.
  14. Mistress Pimperella

    I have been chosen as a Finalist on 'The Dress Factor' comp!!!

    Mine is the Children’s embroidered & appliqué dress by Laura Mackenzie-Hawkins I designed it with my 2yr old Niece in mind, The Fabric I chose is a really Bright Floral Fabric. Black Background to the floral, Inside the Pleats front and back, the fabric is the same print only with a white background and same for the bodice lining.
  15. Argggggggghhhhh!!!!!! I'm soo excited. Still haven't stopped shaking and can't believe I had my design picked as 1 of the 5 Finalists for 'The Dress Factor' Competition that is being Run by 'The Sewing Directory' and 'Abakhan Fabrics'. They will be sending out the 3m of Fabrics, that I picked that I would make the Dress From, during next week. Then I have till 20th of August to make the Dress and send them a Min of 5 photos of the Finished Dress. 1st Prize is The Janome Memory Craft 5900QC ( Quilters Companion) and 4 Runners up will get a £50 Abakhan Voucher each. My head is still spinning! lol