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  1. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 61 challenge!

    Yes, I thought it would make a nice new addition this issue
  2. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 62 gallery

    What have you been making with this issue's kit and paper book? Post pictures of your creations here!
  3. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 62 challenge!

    Fancy winning a goodie bag full to the brim of amazing crafty prizes? Of course you do! All you have to do for a chance to win one is create something with issue 62's freebies and post a photo of it here. We'll pick our favourite creation the week after the closing date and if you're lucky it could be you! Not only will you win the goodie bag, but your design will also be featured in PaperCrafter magazine itself! It's very straightforward but please also bear in mind these simple rules: 1. You can make absolutely anything, provided it uses no materials that aren't included in the kit/paper book. You can of course use your own tools, e.g. dies, scissors, punches. PLUS, starting this issue you can also use any digital papers currently available to download from our Facebook page. 2. All entries must be posted here by 5pm on Friday 12th July. 3. Please ensure your photo is nice and big and well-lit so we can show it off in all its glory in the mag. If you have any questions, please just ask me. I'm really looking forward to seeing what you all come up with, particularly as this kit is so jam-packed!
  4. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 61 challenge!

    Well done everyone for all your gorgeous entries. It's been a great challenge! I have announced the winner here: http://www.homecraftforums.com/topic/48742-papercrafter-issue-61-challenge-winner/
  5. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 61 challenge WINNER!

    It's time to announce the very lucky winner of issue 61's papercrafting challenge. You all made this very tough for me to judge as all the entries were brilliant. However, there can only be one winner and that person is... Frangipane Congratulations! I chose your pencil box as I loved the unique design. Please send me a private message with your name and postal address and I will send your crafty goodie bag to you. Well done to everyone else that entered - you all did an amazing job. I will be opening issue 62's challenge in just a few minutes - watch this space!
  6. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 61 challenge!

    Great makes, everyone! Looking forwards to judging this challenge, though I can already tell it will be tough!
  7. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    Winner of the PaperCrafter issue 60 challenge!

    Thank you to everyone that entered this issue's challenge. All your creations are gorgeous but unfortunately there can only be one winner. That person is... graydragon Congratulations! I loved how original you accordion envelope is. Please PM me with your postal details to claim your prize! Thanks again everyone!
  8. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 60 challenge!

    Great to see so many pretty entries. Anyone else up for the challenge? This will close at midnight tonight. Note: I'll be out of the office tomorrow and Wednesday but will be back to pick a winner on Thursday. Good luck everyone!
  9. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 61 challenge!

    Hi, papercrafters! Hope you are loving the new issue (61) as much as we are. We can't wait to see what you've been creating! To enter this issue's papercrafting challenge, simply post a photo of an original design you've made using the kit and/or the Studio Selection Paper Book. It can be anything you like, not necessarily a card. Up for grabs is a wonderful crafty goodie bag that's sure to get you feeling inspired for many more crafternoons. Not only that, but your winning entry will be printed in PaperCrafter magazine itself - please make sure your photo is nice and big and well-lit so that we can see it clearly The usual rules apply: please use only the materials provided with the kit and Paper Book. You are very welcome, however, to use your own tools (glue, tape, dies, punches, etc). If you're unsure, just ask me. The deadline is 5pm on the day the next issue goes on sale, so Friday 7th June. Good luck everyone! P.S. Still busy with kit 60? That challenge is still open until Monday 13th May. Click for more information.
  10. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PATTERN UPDATE issue 50 Party Percy

    Hi everyone, A few missing lines have just come to our attention. Rows 27 and 29 of the Head should both be purl rows, as should Rows 7 and 9 of the Body. Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience caused. Kind regards Gabriella
  11. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 60 challenge!

    Ooh, I love how you've used the ribbon to divide the card into four - lovely make yet again, Fenicia!
  12. Gabriella PaperCrafter/LGC

    PaperCrafter issue 60 challenge!

    Hi Lisa, when did you order your subscription? The cut-off date for getting issue 60 was roughly 2 weeks before it went on sale, so it's likely if you ordered after around 14th March it'll be issue 61 you get first.
  13. These are amazing, I love them! Thanks for sharing
  14. Just heard back from Karen and the hook size is definitely 5mm. I suppose you're just lucky to have a small head
  15. Hi Stakreem I've just contacted the designer to check what hook size she used. We'll confirm on the other thread when she gets back to us. Thanks for sharing your findings. In the meantime, look what we just came across on Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/tarelkaz/knitted-crochet-crown/