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  1. thomzo

    Whatever happened to Macrame????

    I know, I thought the same. My mum used to do it a lot but, as you say, it went out of fashion. I got my mum to make a few bits for a recent craft fair and they sold. Then I was in a very trendy shop in Bath and they were using macrame panels as decoration. I think it's definitely on its way back in but maybe in a different form. What about macrame curtains instead of nets or macrame wall hangings. Zoe
  2. thomzo

    Jubilee challenge any craft closes 8th June

    Wow, Maggie, that's lovely. You've set the standard now. Not sure how anyone's going to beat that. Zoe
  3. thomzo

    LMC 49 challenge winner!

    So clever. Well done. Zoe
  4. thomzo

    A hard question....

    Oh, Pinkpuppy, me too. I have exactly the same dream. A little shop in Cricklade or Cirencester in the Cotswolds. A cafe selling stunning cupcakes and tea in real, china, vintage tea pots. Lots of light flooding in through big windows and a little garden with tables for the summer and pots of herbs growing. Inside, the walls and shelves would be covered in delicious hand-made gifts, cards and art by local art and crafts people including myself, of course. Keep dreaming. Zoe
  5. thomzo

    Commission Wedding Card

    Awesome. Well worth the effort. Very professional. Zoe
  6. thomzo

    Make Jewellery issue 36 challenge winner!

    A well deserved winner. So much work and such a lovely and unique piece. Zoe
  7. thomzo

    Cross stitch

    You can buy a product called Bubble jet set that sets the ink for you onto the fabric and allows you to wash it. You can print on a variety of fabrics this way but cotton and silk are best. If you hunt around on Google, there is a lady who has worked out how to make bubble jet set for herself. I've tried her recipe and it works pretty well. The image does fade a bit when washed but good enough to embroider into. Zoe
  8. thomzo

    Photos TV Filming in our Village

    How exciting. Do you know when the episode will be shown? Then we can all keep an eye out for you in the background. Zoe
  9. thomzo

    March ATC swap CLOSED

    Oh cool, thanks. What a brilliant idea. Zoe
  10. How cute is that? Well done. Zoe
  11. thomzo

    What is your most valuable asset when cardmaking?

    I've voted, although my favourite item is a guillotine with changeable wheels which give different cuts (I can't remember what it's called and I'm too lazy to go upstairs to look - sorry). Zoe
  12. thomzo

    Dreaming of faraway shores!!!!

    Wow, that is amazing. Zoe
  13. thomzo

    design help

    Hi I design patterns and I use things around me as inspiration. I saw some rivets in iron supports and it gave me the idea for a stripy pattern. I've used the images of wake behind a ship to create a lace image. Just look around you for patterns, then take a photo. Take lots of photos and then find the one you like best. Why do you like it? Is it the shapes, the colours, the textures. Don't try to recreate the photos just the bits you like. Most importantly, have fun! Zoe
  14. thomzo

    Embroidering on fleece

    Thanks for the advice. Just got to think of a suitable pattern now. Cheers Zoe
  15. thomzo

    Happy Birthday Maggie50

    Happy Birthday Zoe