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  1. I saw the blanket in the ad in last months issue so just popped to shops to buy 49 just for that. Now I'm also in love with the little baby dress and tank top. Is going to be tough to decide which to make with my kit!
  2. loubel

    Help - hole in knitting!

    Thanks, I shall take a look.
  3. loubel

    Help - hole in knitting!

    My home-made wrist warmers have developed a hole where there isn't meant to be a hole. I think I must've caught them on one of my rings. Several stitches have disappeared in a square. Is this something that can be mended? And if so, can anyone recommend a good picture guide/tutorial?
  4. loubel

    Bluebell Jumper - Issue 54

    Thanks Abbie. Just wanted to be sure before I commit to it.
  5. loubel

    Bluebell Jumper - Issue 54

    Thanks Goose
  6. loubel

    bargain buy

    That's great that your knitting is raising much needed funds for both the charity shop and care home
  7. loubel

    Bluebell Jumper - Issue 54

    Sorry to jump on Squizzer's thread, but I'm getting ready to order yarn for this jumper and have been having a read through the pattern to make sure I understand it and I just have a question. There are two instances in the pattern where it tells you to continue stitching until the piece measures a certain length. One is at the start of the back and one is in the sleeves. The smallest size requires you to make it longer than the larger ones at this point. Can someone check whether this is correct?
  8. loubel

    What size scarf

    Good news, have found a pattern in one of my books that seems perfect :-)
  9. loubel

    What size scarf

    I've been given some nice looking wool to knit my OH a scarf. I'm not sure how many stitches to cast on though to ensure that it's both wide enough and long enough. I've got a little under 200g of wool but don't know what it is as the band gives little info, although the tension guide suggests it's an aran weight (18 stitches, 25 rows on 5mm). Is there a way of working out how much material a wool will knit up based on a tension guide? Or do I just have to guess and hope?
  10. Thanks Gabriella, but Elaine has already kindly offered to send me some.
  11. Have you made this Becci? I've just run out of blue yarn on the union flag side with 3 rows still to go. Very frustrating :-(
  12. loubel

    LK Helen Throw (March issue 52)

    It's fantastic! I can't believe how quickly you finished it.
  13. loubel

    needle size problem:(

    How strange, I didn't realise they're rare. I've got a pair that I was bought in a set for my birthday.
  14. loubel

    Bluebell jumper yarn quantity?

    Thanks for checking.