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  1. BunnyCrafter

    kirsty's machine sewn card

    Sounds fantastic, so are you agreeing with Kirstie that it's crafters cocaine? I'm just awaiting my great grandma's old table singer machine - not usre if i'll be able to get a machine embroidery foot for it but really want to have a go! Can't wait to see the finished product!
  2. BunnyCrafter

    The Celebrity Name Game

    Elle MacPherson
  3. BunnyCrafter

    A to Z in Movies and TV

  4. BunnyCrafter

    Which do you prefer game

    12 hour clock Marmite or Honey?
  5. BunnyCrafter

    The Person Below Me........

    Love dancing! TPBM: New craft styles or old craft styles?
  6. BunnyCrafter

    The New Word Association Thread

  7. BunnyCrafter

    Bamboo v's Metal crochet hook

    Hi I'm just getting in to crochet and so fars i've been using the same metal hook for everything. I'm looking to get a full set of hooks to play with different yarns but wondered what people's views were regarding bamboo v's metal hooks. The metal ones seem cheaper but do the bamboo hooks give better results? Many Many Thanks
  8. BunnyCrafter

    Hello Crafty Peeps

    Hi I'm a young crafter with old ideas. I would love nothing better than to get a house in the coutry, live as self sufficient life as possible and craft whatever i need. I love to learn new things (well new to me!) I've been teaching myself to crochet using youtube and i've recently started knitting using a knitting magazine. I will always go back to cross stich when i'm thi nking of present ideas and have started (although i'm nowhere near finished) a kingsize hand stiched quilt. But it's not all about thread! I love to forage/bargin hunt. I make jams and chutneys and use these as presnts. I tip rummage and upcycle what i can, i live by the sea so i'm experimenting with driftwood at the moment too. I'd love to chat with anyone and everyone who shares my passions and can't wait to get stuck in learning from everyone's collective knowledge on the site. So hello everyone - nice to meet you all