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  1. Dani89

    Wicked Weather Wednesday

    Evening. Still shattered, just giving Imogen a feed before she goes to bed then I need to make some more puree for the freezer. Su2ie I'm glad Alex is feeling brighter. Goose it has been freezing here as well the heating has been on as well.
  2. Dani89

    Wicked Weather Wednesday

    Morning ladies. Hope Alex feels better su2ie. The fireworks were very loud here last night goose. Imogen and Abi tag teamed us last night so I am tired, Imogen has been out for the count in the pushchair since we got back from the school run. No plans to go anywhere today the weather is horrible.
  3. Dani89

    St Jude's Monday

    Evening. Had the hv around today to do Imogen's 7 month development checks, she is spot on and gaining weight nicely. Abi is now at the in laws for a few days and hubs has this week off so it has been a nice day. We managed both parties yesterday Abi was worn out by bedtime but she had so much fun. Tales of spiders and ironing are making my skin crawl so it's time for knitting.
  4. Dani89

    Clocks Back Sunday

    Morning all Lots of rain and winds here still. We have two birthday parties this afternoon one after the other, Abi is already grumpy because she thinks the weather is going to ruin her hair. Stay dry ladies.
  5. Dani89

    Frantic Friday

    Hi Jody and welcome. It won't be long until you are whipping up all sorts for you daughter, and she will making request in time no doubt. Don't introduce her to Ravelry I made the mistake of showing my soon to be 4 year old the pattern search on there and now everytime she ask for a knit she wants to search on ravelry for the perfect pattern. Next on the list is scary complicated crown in crochet thread for her birthday. Goose the blankets look great. I have two to do by Christmas. Su2ie lovely hat. She is lot better today thanks. I have been planning Abi's party, she has asked me to make little crowns for all the girls I need to make a start there are 24 girls.
  6. Dani89

    Frantic Friday

    Morning. Frantic describes my start of the day perfectly. Imi has a cold and been up a lot the last couple of nights so we overslept today made it to school on time though. Cuddles and finishing Abi's scarf are on the cards today. Hope you find a coat you like Suzy. Enjoy your crochet goose.
  7. Dani89

    LET'S KNIT - QUESTION OF THE MONTH (December 2013)

    I knit and crochet all year but the summer holidays slow me down and Christmas getting closer speeds me up to get the gifts done.
  8. I have just finished a hat for Imogen, she is rapidly outgrowing all her hats. The picture is not great she doesn't stay still for long these days.
  9. Dani89

    Sunny saturday

    Just popping in while feeding Imogen. Been busy today mostly weeding the veg patch ready for planting. We have had such lovely sunshine hubs has a bit of sunburn on his neck and face from taking abi to the park at lunchtime, Abi is fine because she was plastered in cream. Right little legs has dropped off to sleep now its my turn. Night night.
  10. Dani89

    Finally Friday

    Morning all. Last day of half term here, yay. It is actually looking like it will be a nice day today, the birds are singing away and hubs is changing Imogens nappy so a nice start for me. Knitty group this morning, abi is normally very well behaved on the odd occasion I have taken her before now though that could be down to all the biscuits they give her. Su2ie Imogen is now 12 weeks and growing fast. Have a nice day folks.
  11. Dani89

    Finally Friday

    We had a little picnic in the park for lunch, going to bake a cake with abi in a little while. Hope Ellie feels better soon. Enjoy the sun everyone
  12. Dani89

    Weird Weather Wednesday

    Morning just popping in before taking Abi to school. So far i have put a load of washing on and changed the beds so once back from the school run i will get some knitty time while Imogen sleeps. Wish the weather would make its mind up, it is warm but we have some very unfriendly looking clouds over head, feels like we need a thunder storm to clear the air. Better shake a tail feather and get Abi moving
  13. Dani89


    Good evening ladies I know im a bit of a flake at the moment but between Abi and Imogen i hardly have time to drink a cup of tea, in fact i cant remember the last hot drink i got to drink you know hot. Not much is going on really, we have started planning Imogens christening so i need to get cracking on her gown but at the moment i have just 10 days to knit and block a shawl to wear to a wedding at the end of the month. Imogen is currently on her playmat chewing her fist and batting her toys so i am getting a rare 10 minutes to myself. Goose hope the tap gets sorted Gotta go Imogen is hungry, i will be around more often now hopefully.
  14. Dani89

    Murky Monday

    Hello all. It has been a while. Imogen has settled in brilliantly and im proud of myself being able to feed her my supply conked out after 10 days with abi. I can't eat chocolate though it makes her projectile vomit over me. I find ravelry is easier to use on my phone during feeding time hence not being around much. Today has been quiet, I am tired abi kept half the street awake coughing last night just as well she has this week off school.
  15. Dani89

    Dani89 - Congratulations

    Thank you everyone. I am not around much at the moment, on demand feeding is kicking my butt at night. Hopefully once things calm down a bit i will be around more.
  16. Dani89

    Ash Wednesday

    Morning Heavy snow here so of course i am getting a lot of painful contractions today, hubs is in work and i have the school run to do. It is days like this when i hate living on the side of a mountain. I am taking it easy before going out at 11:30, i am knitting away on a blanket for baby. Su2ie hope the car is okay Stay warm ladies
  17. Dani89

    Shrove Tuesday

    Evening. We had parents evening tonight, abi is doing very well she is ahead of most of the 4 year olds in the nursery. Not the most sociable child in there but considering she has only been going a few weeks so nobody is too worried. I'm shattered sorry, I had meant to say more but I need some rest now see you tomorrow.
  18. Dani89

    Must try harder Monday

    Morning. The title is i must try harder to keep up in here, life is just so busy right now and even though i get the mornings to myself and i really shouldnt be painting Abi's room etc but sometimes the nesting wins. Anyway i will be trying to pop up on here more often. Bump still hasnt popped and we are almost in the safe zone of 37weeks (in two weeks time) so hopefully i wont be putting up with contractions for much longer, i am thinking of starting a competition to see who can guess the baby's weight. Not much planned today some washing to do once Abi is at school and then knitting. Have a good day
  19. Dani89

    Must try harder Monday

    The fluffy pink tutu of death is so named because it is a lot of st st in the round on 4mm needles using lace weight bright pink kid mohair. There were also a few mishaps as abi would grab the ball of fluff and run in the opposite direction causing a lot of tangles.
  20. Dani89

    Must try harder Monday

    I have been working on Abi's pink fluffy tutu of death this morning, it has been put to one side for the last month so i could get some things finished for bump. For bump i am working on a 4ply blanket with a simple pattern repeat so memorizing it isnt too hard with the pregnancy brain. Now to pick up the munchkin and get back in time for the shop to be delivered early. Su2ie bump is still trying to get out early but so far we are winning the battle, just another 2 weeks and she is allowed to show up. Tina our half term is next week (South Wales Valleys) i have my fingers crossed for nice dry weather. Goose we still have a lot to get done before madam arrives, hubs has just started painting Abi's new room once that is done we can move all the furniture in and start getting the nursery ready but i am resting as much as possible promise School run time better dash x
  21. Dani89

    Pub Tuesday

    morning i am making the most of my asthma playing up and relaxing on the sofa with my knitting. I was expecting my asthma to play with the sudden temperature change over the weekend, i still have another hour before i have to get drenched picking Abi up and there doesnt seem to be any hw to do so i am starting a little outfit for bumpy. Goose enjoy the pub Su2ie hope you get some hooky time to finish the mug hug.
  22. Dani89

    Blustery Monday!

    Afternoon I managed to make a start on turning the spare room/man cave into Abi's new bedroom while she was at school, she is loving school they had reading assessments today and Abi did amazingly well. A quiet afternoon for us now the cleaning is done. Goose glad you managed an out Su2ie good luck with mount toysmore Time for a cuppa and a story with Abi
  23. Dani89

    snow or sun Saturday???

    Morning Sorry i went a bit off radar Abi was ill then the snow arrived then school was closed for nearly a week so i had to entertain the monster who wanted to go to school and then i started getting contractions 5 minutes apart so was taken to hospital. All in all it has been hectic around here. The hospital only lasted two days thankfully and they stopped the contractions and gave me two very painful steroid shots to develop baby's lungs since i am only 32 weeks at the moment, i am on reduced duties meaning i can still do most things just not all in one day. She has another 5 weeks until they will let her come at 37 weeks so plenty of knitting time ahead of me. On the knitty front i am a few inches away from finishing a carseat blanket for bump, still need to do hats, mittens, blanket and a cardigan to go in the hospital bag. Stay warm, our snow finally started to thaw last night.
  24. Dani89

    snow or sun Saturday???

    Evening. I finished bumps carseat blanket and washed it tonight. It has come out so soft and lovely and it didn't felt always a worry pure new wool.. I am just off to bed so night all.