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    Knitting, quilting, cross stitch and most other crafts that involve fabric or wool.
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    New craft

    Thought I had better explain it a little better. Wild quilting. Sew together odd shaped pieces of fabric into large sqares. Use a rotary cutter to cut out 5 inch squares and join them together. Depends on how much fabric you have what you can make. it looks difficult piecing but is so easy.
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    New craft

    Sounds like a fun scarf. Now have a go at wild quilting. Just sew together odd shapes of fabric. Then rotary cut them into 5 inch squares and join them together to make a table runner or a few mug rugs.
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    The New Word Association Thread

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    The Celebrity Name Game

    Neil Diamond
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    A to Z in Movies and TV

    Thunderbolt and Lightfoot
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    The fictional character name game

    Deputy Dawg Now that goes back years.
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    The Food Game

    tarte tatin
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    Name that Tune

    Eleanor Rigby it is ages since I visited this site, boy has it changed.
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    I think this is quite funny what do the 80s mean to you?

    Most of the 80's for me were fun. '81 visited my parents back in the UK from Australia for the first time since '68. '82 got married. '83 changed my job and whole direction. '84 moved to the Blue Mountains from Sydney. '85 started to make stretch fabric clothes to sell along with crafty things. '86 my husband died. Certainly not fun. '87 sold our home and bought a smaller one. '88 sailed with the First Fleet re-enactment on a sailing ship, Anna Christina, part of the celebrations for Australia's bicentennial. '89 decided to return to the UK after 21 years. '90 met my present husband.
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    22,078 Hope you are better soon paperkate. :-)
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    22,076 Somehow we seem to have lost 2,000. Next post should be 22,077.