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    cardmaking, quilling is my favourite papercraft but dont show me any type of needles!!!
  1. claire willis

    Popping in to say hello!

    Hi everyone, I hope that you are all well! Firstly, thankyou so much to Maritrez for the card and little gift you sent...so lovely of you! And a happy birthday to Mary, I see I missed your 80th!! I imagine you are still keeping these lot on their toes !! So what's going on with me?? Well Daniel is 14 now and doing good with school, Emily is 11 and thanks to her gymnastics she has become quite a sensation on Instagram with almost 34,000 followers!! If any of you use Instagram her name is @gymnast_emily10 , Holly is 9 and is just as dizzy as ever, she has several great friends now and we hardly see her these days! And baby Olivia?...she's 3now!! And such a big girl, she thinks she is Elsa from Frozen!! I don't do so much crafting these days, I do make hair bows now and then and quill the odd bit here and then but not a lot I have to say, there just isn't time! I hope you guys are all doing great and enjoying everything you do...very best wishes from me!!
  2. claire willis

    A very special doggy!

    It is Mary, an honest to goodness really pink puppy, a wee bit like the one in Louise's photo actually! I hope your crafting group goes well, be careful on those steps coming into the winter!
  3. Tee hee hee, just thought I'd get you started off for tomorrow!!!!
  4. claire willis

    A very special doggy!

    Guess what............... My baby girl Olivia has finally adopted a favourite toy..............you'll never guess......................... That's right Louise........... it's a PINK PUPPY!!!! seriously!!!!!!
  5. claire willis

    members not heard from lately.

    Hey there Goosie gumdrops, we are all fine! Olivia is 20 months now and what a handful, she's lovely and has quite a cheeky streak in her, I cant imagine where that came from. She doesn't talk much yet apart from 'look' and 'that' and instead of saying 'mummy' she yells 'MA' really loudly!! The other two girls have just started back to school, Emily is in p6 now, she's almost 10 and showing some promise in her gymnastics. Holly is in p4 and has finally got her two front teeth after waiting for one of them for almost a year! My son Dan is in his second year at high school, how has that happened so fast??? He's lovely, every now and then a bit of 'teenager' creeps in with his attitude but that's to be expected I suppose. Hubby and I are still singing in church and we recently had a slot with the church band at a music festival, that was an experience....soooo loud! I'm not crafting at the moment, just no time with these lot running about, but I'm happy!!!!!
  6. claire willis

    members not heard from lately.

    P.s Mary, would you send me your address again, theres something I'd like to send you
  7. claire willis

    members not heard from lately.

    Oh Mary, how I wish you lived next door to me, wouldn't a cuppa and a chat be lovely. I don't quill for the mag anymore I'm afraid, four kids took it's toll on quilling but the doors open if I should find some time in the future! I'm sorry to say that the forum sort of lost it's heart and soul for me and I don't come on other than for a peep about every couple of months, I wish it was different but it makes me a bit sad actually as I used to love it so much. I hope you're well Mary x
  8. claire willis

    Thankyou for the cards!!!

    Thankyou to all who have sent me some very lovely Christmas cards and a special thanks to magpiesdelights for the pretty bracelet and earings! Much appreciated everyone, wishing you all a very merry Christmas x
  9. claire willis

    Who doesn't love bakes?

    I have a plan.....just send me a hamper and I'll try everything out for you!!!!
  10. claire willis

    Mum & Me

    Bobsie, you just reminded me about drawing on the back of a big roll of spare wallpaper!
  11. claire willis

    Mum & Me

    When I was little, about 4 or 5, my mum helped me to make Christmas decorations by dabbing polystyrene packing peanut thingies with glue and then covering them with glitter! For years they adorned the Christmas tree until I was all grown up and she finally decided that I was old enough not to be offended if they were thrown away!
  12. claire willis

    Mini Challenge

    My highly skilled guess is ...........£ 135.83p...........
  13. claire willis

    Get a chance to tell your story in Crafts Beautiful...

    What a great idea Jecelyn, I hope you get lots of lovely stories!
  14. claire willis

    41 days till Christmas :)

    Awww tht's a shame Su2ie, rather than buy the school teachers pressies last year, I made a couple of them, one was a handmade personalised tote bag and the teacher really loved it, so I was glad that I had went to the bother!
  15. Yippee skippy it's my birthday today............which naturally means it's not much different to any other day..................I still had to get all the darlings ready and out to school, then at very short notice I had to run my hubby to the docs cause he's hurt his groin playing footie (after I told him not to go to footie anyway cause he was still sore from another injury a few weeks ago) I resisted the urge to say 'I told you so' and failed miserably!!! I'm now doing some work on my computer that I should have already done but as usual life got in the way and later I have to walk the girls home from school cause hubby has to go and put plasterboard up for someone! happy birthday me!