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    Is anyone else having problems

    The Subs Club changed a couple of months ago. Initially we logged on separately and could then access offers and enter competitions. Now offers appear only on the address sheets that come with the magazines. Think they should inform the subscriptions department then as have just received a letter with how to log on seperately which was dated 19th July 2011. But at least the forum seems to be working better today for me
  2. knittingaholic

    Is anyone else having problems

    This is a pain in the backside and if I do manage to get on then allow myself 30 mins to just reply to one post, also have a problem with subs club just tells me to subscribe but have already done that abd have received the letter about subscription with password etc but there is nowhere to log into it
  3. knittingaholic

    Taking forever to load pages

    I have seen further down that there was a problem back in May with the exact same thing and it has taken me 30 minutes to be able to get to be able to post. Also I have subscribed to LK and received the letter gone to the website they direct you to in the letter and just get asked to subscribe again WTF is going on as there is no where to put the login name or password on there. Would appreciate any help, will check daily but have not got 10 mins per time clicked on a link
  4. knittingaholic

    Game - Change one letter

  5. knittingaholic

    Presentation Thursday

    Wow you all seem so busy with your knitting and there is me been sloping off to go and do the garden, must admit it was that bad I have had to strim it today, all of it so it has taken several hours rather than a couple mowing it. I have not strimmed it perfect as intend to go over it all tomorrow with the lawnmower but it was way too long just to mow it today. Well off to get my slouching around gear on as I feel more comfortable in them and get comfy enough to knit away and not even realise how much I have done. By the end of the month I hope to be able to finish the last 2 hats that are needed for xmas pressie's and by the time the new LK mag comes out to have finished the Charlie for my great nephew and have started one for my friends little girl who is 3 months older than my great nephew. I am actually looking forward to next months magazine as it has got some thicker yarned patterns ready for autumn and winter as with the gas and electric increases will be wearing more cardigans and jumpers this winter so need to get started on them ;-)
  6. knittingaholic

    Another bag and more .....

    I had a hairdresser take 18 inches off my hair as she thought I should have shorter hair because of my age and I took her to court and was compensated and now she has no business. I could sit on my hair and when she finished it was just past my shoulders.
  7. knittingaholic

    50th Wedding Anniversary Advice needed!

    They could get a picture frame or a double folding one that has a gold finish to it and put a picture of your parents in it.
  8. knittingaholic

    fun and easy patterns for beginers please

    Knit247 have you tried other websites such as the one that my other ID is to at the bottom of this message. I have found quite a few easy patterns there and even did myself a cardigan with raglan sleeves and I have not been knitting again all that long (around 8 months) after a 30 year break. This is the cardigan that I knit for myself from there with a few adaptions such as doing lace all the way down the body changed to stocking stitch.
  9. knittingaholic

    Knitting gumdrop tea cosy.

    I have also ran out of green yarn for the teacosy on the second side on the gumdrop. I emailed Elainelk and got a reply withing 15 minutes saying some would be sent, so impressed and am looking forward to being able to complete the teacosy as it is something that my Mother saw and bought me the Lets Knit issue so that I could do it for her. :-)
  10. knittingaholic

    uhoh, newbie making a Sue bag!!!

    is the cast on for both sides or just one side and you have to do 2 of the instructions. Sorry for asking as it is not working out very big in the round and have only done cast on of 15 stitches
  11. knittingaholic

    Just Have To Share My Wonderful News.

    Congratulations on becoming a nana what super news and is always good to have a baby to knit for. I have just found out I am a great auntie again to a beautiful little girl called Ruby which makes a change as it is mostly boys in the family so have a smile from ear to ear also.
  12. knittingaholic


    Seem to be doing well on this as I have already got the back finished although some of the instructions do not seem too clear but am managing to work it out
  13. knittingaholic

    Dull & Dreary Thursday

    Well went out for a break yesterday and feel refreshed. Luckily it was only to family so took some knitting with me teacosy is being frogged so will do the other one instead. As I had not done anything on the Charlie I am doing whilst I was out decided around 8pm to do a little bit and surprised myself as seemed to get really comfy and the rows just started to be done without effort and there was decreases in there. Slight problem where it says decrease one stitch each end of alternate rows which is fine but does not say whether you finish on WS or RS row then the next instruction is continue for 31 rows in pattern, then for shaping neck it says p20 but if follow instructions going from rs row then this row would be K5,P2 across the row. Ah well think that I answered my own question there
  14. knittingaholic

    uhoh, newbie making a Sue bag!!!

    You could have done a swatch to see how many stitches and rows you have per inch and that way you can work out how many stitches and rows you would need to do for the same size bag as it is originally in the pattern. eg 10cm x 10cm = 22sts x 30 rows (and then divide by 4 to get what you get per inch or divide by 10 to get measurement per centimetre) Once that is worked out multiply by how many inches or centimetres to get the number of cast on stitches. ;-)
  15. knittingaholic

    Hat Parade

    Here are some of the hats that I am making as Christmas presents this year, You will notice that there are at least 6 types of hat that people will get. I still have more hats to do but they will be mainly these designs that people will get.
  16. knittingaholic

    How many projects do you have on the go?

    The Charlie baby top, 6in square for blankets, tea cosy, and a fair isle hat. :red: Have just completed my UFOs so that is one consolation which was 2 slouchy cabled beret type hats, a mans/teenagers cabled beanie and a 4-6 year old size jumper and a 6-12 month cross over cardigan lol. %-P
  17. knittingaholic

    Bright Tuesday ....

    Well was up early and besides 8 rows of knitting that I managed whilst my cats ate their breakfast I seem to be meeting myself coming back. I am way behind with what I wanted to have done by now and still have to go to town to pay bills, at least when I get back home can settle down to do some serious damage (get quite a bit done) I hope on what I am knitting at the moment. :roll:
  18. knittingaholic

    Hat Parade

    I used Boyes Chunky yarn in Cream and the pattern was off Ravalry and is called Quick Cable Slouch Hat. Have also made the same hat in Boyes Chunky but with Black.
  19. knittingaholic

    Beanie Hat Pattern (Help Please)

    Have you tried Lion Brand website as they have free 2 needle patterns for hats. It is easy to knit on circular needles so I would give it a whirl you will be surprised how easy it is, if I can do it after not knitting at all for 30 years and just decided to have a go and managed to master it had never done it before that attempt.
  20. knittingaholic

    What project are you working on?

    I am also a newbie to here. I learnt to knit when little and when in my teens downed tools on knitting to take it up again last November. In this time I have learnt to knit in the round on both DPNs and circular needles, how to do cables, knit lace patterns, colour threaded knitting. My next task is to learn intarsia colour knitting. I can both knit and crochet. At the moment I am working on Christmas presents which consists of mainly hats for family members, except for my two great nephews who are getting matching jumpers as they are siblings and thought it would be a nice touch, only have about 3 hats left to do to finish the Christmas presents for this year then will be able to concentrate on something for me.
  21. knittingaholic

    christmas knitting!!!

    I have been knitting Christmas presents for the last month and I am doing hats for everyone except my two great nephews who are getting a jumper each. Only 3 more hats to go then I will be completed on Christmas presents