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    How many projects do you have on the go?

    Well have managed to finish some of my UFO's from earlier such as the 6 inch square, fair isle hat and that leaves me with the Charlie, a cardigan for me that just needs the loose ends being weaved in and a button sewn on (which was started earlier this month), oh have a couple of hats on the go that I have been wanting to do for myself since March 2011 but never got started. So left to do are 2 hats (1 is nearly finished, have about 2 more rows to go) for me and a Charlie (which is nearly finished except for sewing up and around the arms to be knitted) for my great nephew to be knitted and the cardigan for me will be button shopping on Wednesday for. Oh and will be buying some wool on Wednesday for another cardigan that I liked for me oh and will need a button for that also . %-P
  2. knittingaholic

    Ribbed hat pattern help

    That would give a garter stitch crown but you could try putting a purl row between the decreasing rounds and this should give at least a stocking stitch appearance to the crown or even do as Goose has suggested ;-)
  3. knittingaholic

    Fingerless gloves from the current LK

    They are lovely Suzy B, am thinking of having a go at them with oddments I have in my stash but was thinking also of changing the colours also :-)
  4. knittingaholic

    Quiet Thursday

    Well guys sorry I never even got on here yesterday as all my electrics went down and am on a temporary solution as they have found a fault but could not leave me without electric. Am waiting for a phone call back from landlord to find out when they are sending electricians to find the fault and rectify it if it can be. Will try and get on when it is all sorted. Just seem to be having one of those weeks. Hope your hair turned out ok Buzy it seems it was a stressful Wednesday for some of us at least.
  5. knittingaholic

    baby items ive been making

    they are lovely Marie
  6. knittingaholic

    Harry Potter bits

    Love the Snitch as I actually crocheted one last christmas and put catnip in for one of my cats as a christmas present and yes it is highly played with as it goes up in the air and flies (of course cats are making it do this) lol Will be sorting out their christmas presents soon as have to find new toys for them but already have the catnip hidden from them, yes my cats get homemade toys for xmas off me and so do the dogs ;-P
  7. knittingaholic

    Beautiful Monday

    Well one of my mum's friends sent a few little things that she thought I might find useful and I know this is naughty but when looking through found a knitting pattern for a Golliwog. Think that is going to be one of my knits as they are unobtainable now and used to have one as a child. Came home from shopping and found my freeview box had died on me :-S so with my mum being here she is going to lend me the money as found another one for £15 and as we finish going digital in this area on Wednesday is a necessity. So tonight looks like lots of knitting as have no telly really only 4 channels will be knitting until nearly falling asleep as the TV helps me drop off to sleep lol. Apart from that had a lovely day doing food shopping and paying bills only have a couple to pay tomorrow and freeview box to get, shame I am not getting the money until Wednesday off my mum or would have got the wool for a chunky cardigan but at the end of the month instead on that one definately ;-)
  8. knittingaholic

    In need of Knitty Assistance? Get it here!

    Will break it down Firstly you decrease one stitch at each end of fifth row Row 5 then you decrease one stitch at the end of every following 8th row until 62 sts remain Row 13, 21, etc Hope that helps you Sunshine_Susie_123
  9. knittingaholic

    Laptop hopefully fixed and good news update

    Thanks Twinkle got the pattern for your Pom Pom bag. Also thanks Goose for the offer of getting it to me but my days are sort of hectic at the moment. The time is used up with fostering a mum with pups who needs help (by the way mum is a dog). So am having to make sure puppies get enough milk so that they grow strong and develop properly. Am managing to do some knitting between hourly feeds, cat napping and seeing to my own animals. Feel exhausted and have this for at least another 3 weeks think by then will end up going into a coma when I can sleep properly
  10. Oh I have lots of patterns that use just one ball, ooohhhh decisions :cheese:
  11. knittingaholic

    Rowan Summer Tweed

    I have found James C Brett's Aran with Tweed good to knit with and know Deramores stock James C Brett wool.
  12. knittingaholic

    Quiet Wednesday ....

    Hi Everyone Hope you are all well. It has been a hectic 2 days for me as the foster dogs were in the paper on Monday so my phone was going mad with people wanting to see them and then yesterday was going round doing the home checks to see if it was suitable for them. One managed to be in his new home yesterday after the home check was a thumbs up, but unfortunately all the other homes for the other dog were far short of being suitable due to having unsecure gardens which he could of easily escaped from within seconds. We are having a day off today and all being well will be doing home checks for the him again tomorrow. In the past 2 days have only managed to get 12 rounds of knitting done so with today being a chill out day am off to do some knitting. Hope you all have a lovely Wednesday and am so happy as my September issue of Lets Knit arrived this morning so am glancing through that to see what I want to knit. Also loved the story on the couple that are supporting their Local Lake District sheep farmers could be a bit biased there as have family that live in that area lol.
  13. knittingaholic


    I am either mad or stupid as don't particularly like knitting in 4 ply but have started this today and doing the 18 month old size as this will be about the correct size by next summer. This could easily end up as a UFO but at the moment am determined to finish it in the next month or so.
  14. knittingaholic


    because it is on the needles never post until I have finished it completely but was in the handout in issue 44 lol
  15. knittingaholic

    Gloves & Socks with Circular needle

    Rune if you are used to doing knitting with circular needles rather than DPN's and you have them small enough then you just swap the DPN's for circular needle, it is that simple as have done sleeves that way on adult cardigans that say DPN's.
  16. knittingaholic

    Peg Bag for my Daughter

    That looks really good Annie, what pattern did you use and where was it found please. :-)
  17. knittingaholic


    Well just have a bit of sewing to do on this and edging around the armholes and it will be finished.
  18. knittingaholic

    any suggestions plz

    Hi Marie have added you as friend on Ravelry
  19. knittingaholic

    Friday fun!

    Am chilling out after sorting direct debit out which bank would not allow because I never put exactly what was on the account, at least I know no one will be able to set up stuff without my say so now if it is not exactly correct. Have a few bits around the house to do and then will have to get some knitting done as have not done any for a few days and still have not finished my Fair Isle hats that I have to do for xmas presents but can't decide still whether to do pink or orange roses for the last set of roses before doing the decreasing and finishing that one off, so have started another cardigan for me and keep having little goes at the Charlie pattern for my great nephew. Well this won't get the little bits I need to get done before I can settle down to knitting, ah well that is the beauty of having cats that don't go out that they need litter trays cleaning daily and cuddles on demand, hence why not much knitting has been done as when the dogs saw them getting cuddles they wanted them as well. Not easy to knit with a 25+ Kilo Border Collie on your knee lol
  20. knittingaholic

    Teacosy issue 45.

    This was done as my mum bought the LK magazine as she wanted a teacosy for her teapot but she wanted the bobble teacosy but with the pom pom on top as she has arthritis and thought it would give her something to be able to get hold of easier. Thanks to ElaineLK for sending the extra green wool that was needed as it was all on hold until that arrived. :-) Excuse the mess of my computer table lol
  21. knittingaholic

    Two words game

    Horse ride
  22. knittingaholic

    The wild animal game

    Mner Bird
  23. knittingaholic

    Game - Change one letter

  24. knittingaholic

    Game - Change one letter

  25. knittingaholic

    any suggestions plz

    What about "Marie's Soft Pom Bag" Sorry that was all I could think of.