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    lindy123 reacted to knittingqueenuk in Baby blanket   
    I know I said I wasn't going to make anything else for Leah but I needed to use some yarn up (honestly).
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    lindy123 reacted to Dreamyknitter in Teapot Jumper Parade   
    Oh My Goodness! They are divine I don't know which I like best.
    Have to go......got some flowers to crochet!

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    lindy123 reacted to stakreem in My rose window mandala   
    I made this mandala today, whilst sitting out in the best of the sunshine in the garden.
    The yarn in the middle is so hard to crochet with, and instead of slip stitching crochet wise down to the middle I embroidered to rows of chain stitch. much easier than fiddling with crochet.
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    lindy123 reacted to knittingqueenuk in Tow puzzle balls and a baby jacket.   
    The green and white puzzle ball and the baby jacket are ticked off my wip list and I made the red, white and blue puzzle ball after armed forces day, it is patriotic. The r,w and b one is smaller as I used a smaller hook so the stuffing didn't show through. The jacket is I two ply yarn which I love for baby makes.
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    lindy123 reacted to bud10 in Show us Your Makes!   
    I had too much time on my hands...............and came up with this little chap.
    Crocheted on a 4.5mm hook. He is called Ooom.

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    lindy123 reacted to knit&flee in Hattie tea cosy   
    I took the free homewares kit on holiday with me, but didn't get round to any knitting, so whizzed up the Hattie tea cosy this weekend.  A really easy pattern that creates a fantastic effect - just as the blurb on the pattern leaflet says, it's perfect for a beginner who wants to try something that looks impressive, but doesn't require lots of fancy skills.  Before blocking, it's just the right size for my one-pot teapot, as pictured.

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    lindy123 reacted to knittingqueenuk in QUESTION OF THE MONTH - Are you confident knitting lace patterns?   
    I love them, as long as you place plenty of markers you can't go wrong but I only do lace knitting when I can concentrate on the pattern and not try and watch tv too. You don't need any distractions of any kind