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  1. lindy123

    Teapot Jumper Parade

    They look fantastic, Especially the white one with the flowers.
  2. lindy123

    My rose window mandala

    That is really lovely. I like the way you used the chain stitch instead of the slip stitch.
  3. lindy123

    Hi I'm new today :)

    Hi Sooty Bear I agree that Create and Craft are very good. Just be careful you don't get carried away. Their range is amazing. I would suggest you also try Docrafts.com. Their stuff is also sold locally. I get mine from my local Range store. That way as has been suggested you can try a kit or buy a few things and see if you like it. Good luck with it
  4. lindy123

    back to hospital

    Hope you are feeling better and enjoying your food today. Hope the results are ok as well.
  5. lindy123

    Birthday card from OH

    That looks great. hand made is so much better and personal.
  6. lindy123

    WIP/UFO Confessional!

    It is actually quite cool here in Coventry this morning and I have spent a pleasant hour catching up. l I have been fascinated reading about everyone's ufo's this morning. Makes me feel better about mine. My sewing is my worst, because my machine is playing up and I know if I get it out nothing else will get done. I have almost completed all my knitting. Just 1 ufo left from when I was last in hospital apart from the cardi for my dil which I am finishing today. I have some crochet shapes and flowers but not enough to make a blanket. If anyone can use them they are welcome. Anyway got to go and get some hw done. Today is baking day. The freezer needs filling. Hope everyone has a good day
  7. I agree that lace is best done when you have no distractions. With plenty of markers and the ability to concentrate I find it very satisfying. I frequently compromise by putting a panel of lace in an otherwise plain project. It doesn't usually affect the overall tension/measurements.
  8. lindy123

    A bit of a plea

    So sorry to hear about your cat going in such a bad way. I have signed this morning. Hope you remembering the good times more now.
  9. lindy123

    A few of my felted miniature animals

    She looks fantastic. A lot of work but so good, I love her. You are so talented.
  10. lindy123

    Tag - Paige Parasol - Tiggertastic

    That looks fantastic.
  11. lindy123

    Carrot Cake

    That looks really fantastic Dazzle. Looks so tasty.
  12. lindy123

    my owl shrunk!

    He looks fantastic. So cute
  13. lindy123

    my owl shrunk!

    He looks fantastic. So cute
  14. lindy123

    my 2 cup teapot TEACOSY

    That looks really good. I especially like the daffodil. Lindy
  15. lindy123

    What are we all knitting at the moment?

    Think I will join you in the nativity once I have finished my easter bunnies. Have just completed Alan Dart's Hot cross bunny. He will be in a raffle in work for our local baby hospice but I think he needs a companion with chocolate eggs as well. If I start early enough I should get one completed. Have just been told the cartilage in my knee has gone so I may be hospitalised again this year. Something like that should keep me occupied.
  16. lindy123

    Any one sewing christmassy items yet

    Hi Everyone. It's good to hear I am not the only one getting on with Christmas. I have a few patchwork stockings and such cut out ready to stitch.It is just the effort of getting the machine out. It is so much easier to pick up my knitting. Your presents sound really good crafty nannie. Aisle I hope you are enjoying your patchwork. I think you have motivated me to get mine done. I have just thought how I can create a space to leave my machine out for a few weeks so i can get more done. I have just realised I have the makings of a rag doll in my to do pile. Another grand daughter has arrived since that was cut out so I really must get it done. When I see it like that I really must get on. No more computer. So have a good day everyone. Lindy
  17. lindy123

    What are we all knitting at the moment?

    Well I have just finished a pair of cabled fingerless mitts for myself, ready for the damp weather coming back. I have a witch doll, an old pattern I have had for a while. She has been sitting just pinned together for about 2 weeks now.. Need to get that finished and get her broomstick made.I like making toys but have been told that none of the charity shops take them now. So not sure what I am going to do with her. I guess that's why I am don't have the motivation to finish her. Have to start on some sweaters for the grandsons as have been treating their sisters more lately. Anyway better get back and finish hanging the washing out. Linda
  18. lindy123

    Tweetie Pie Pattern and Fabric Papers - issue 39

    Have just downloaded the papers. They look great. With 2 older sister's birthdays due I think you have just made their cards easier to make. Have not been around for a while due to knitting, work and family commitments. Hope to see what everyone has been up to. Have been knitting some cardigans for my grand daughters. Need to do some for the boys now. Have done some cabled hand warmers for myself, ready for the cold weather. The damp does not do my hands any favours. Got to go. the washing machine has just finished. Linda :-)
  19. lindy123


    Hi everyone Susie hope you managed to get your laundry dry before the rain, I put mine out started the washing up and the heavens opened. Ah well good job I didn't have much and put it on the airer, easier to bring in again, Goose your example of knooky has inspired me to try it later. Hope your bag is coming on well. I have never knitted a bag for an adult. May put that on my to do list as well. K&F hope you are feeling better soon. There are so many infections going round at the minute and they seem very difficult to fight off. Hope you enjoy your scarf. Sounds good and cheerful for the dark days. I have just started one with a ball of kidsilk I found in the depths of my stash. Michelle hope you manage to clear the ants. It is horrible having them around.If you find where they are getting in there are sprays you can use that they will not cross. Sorry to hear Mia has a bad throat. It makes them so miserable. Hope she fights it off quickly. Ah well got to go and do some shopping. Going to check out the new jubilee range at asda while I am there. Saw some nice little dresses in their magazine, for the grand daughters. They were due in this week. So thought it would sort out the birthdays with shrugs to match. They live at opposite sides of the world but they can have some things similar. Have attached a photo of the youngest with her new 'friend ' I knitted for her. Been many years since I did one of these. I hope it is attached ok. Take care everyone Lindy
  20. lindy123


    That looks good Goose. I think I will investigate further as well.
  21. lindy123


    Hi Sorry to hear your little one is off again with the chickenpox. Hope he gets better soon, certainly in time for your break. Know what you mean about lost mojo. I tried a pattern, the magazine showed a coat, after struggling all evening to understand it I went online to find they had printed the wrong photo. Knitted most of the back --well to cut a long story short after several errors I ripped it all out, which is something I haven't done in years and gave up. Unwound with some granny squares and some flower making, which used up some scraps as well and now I can face my needles again. So good luck Lindy