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  1. fingersandthumbs

    Pattern Request A line Jacket in Sirdar Babouska

    Its th November issue with a girl with a grey cable sweater on the front
  2. fingersandthumbs

    Pattern Request A line Jacket in Sirdar Babouska

    Its in **** *****, a friend of mine is currently knitting it
  3. fingersandthumbs

    Help need an alternative yarn

    I have found a pattern I would realy like to do but it is in Rowan Cocoon, it works out at about £69 and I realy don't think I am good enough yet to risk that sort of money. Any cheaper alternatives?
  4. fingersandthumbs

    slipper safety

    [Does anyone know where I can get some glue or rubber spots to put on the bottom of felted slippers :roll:
  5. fingersandthumbs

    slipper safety

    [Thanks everybody, this is the second pair I have made and the first went to my daughter but this pair is for my mother in law so I thought I'd better think safe. :cheese:
  6. fingersandthumbs

    started my Christmas makes

    I think a lot of my female reletives will be getting the cowl in one of the latest LK. I've also got a nice pattern for felted slippers, I made some for my 19 year old daughter and she loves them
  7. fingersandthumbs

    What project are you working on?

    Just finished the festival hat (noah) from issue 43, this is the second one I have made as the first was so easy and successful. My daughter is going to the Leeds Festival so she had the first one. :roll:
  8. fingersandthumbs

    Hi I'm a new knitter

    i was taught how to knit by my granny on a pair of meat skewers and ever since have drifted back to knitting when bored or when the children came along and then now when the grandchildren have come along. One of my biggest problem is as a Guide Unit leader finding things that are easy interesting and easy to do for 10 to 14 year olds that last an hour