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  1. silly knitty mummy

    QUESTION POLL: What do you do with the majority of your knitting projects?

    due to being quite slow, I normally make for us at home, especially my youngest child.
  2. silly knitty mummy

    Throwing it down Thursday

    good afternoon. its roasting here, temps expected up to 33'c. to hot for me. managed to get some knitty time this morning before hubby's cousin popped in for a chat. was nice to see her as its been ages since I last saw her what with both having had a busy spell with our lives. not to much planned for the rest of the day, my eldest is playing on PS3 upstairs - he struggles when its hot, little fella has been watching dvds & playing with his toys. SKM
  3. silly knitty mummy

    Funny weather Wednesday

    goose, that's horrible, hope it all gets sorted out soon. Yes I'm back it seems its been a long time. I have just renewed my subscription. Haven't had much time for my needles but recently picked them up again I have a long list of projects I hope to do but when my little fella starts school in September I'll have lots more time to myself which can only mean more knitty time! have a good day SKM.
  4. silly knitty mummy

    renewing subscription

    Sussed it, have now renewed online so can continue receiving my fav mag :-)
  5. silly knitty mummy

    Hello I'm back

    hello to you all, I'm back after a spell away from the site :-) lots have been going on since I was last here but won't bore you all with it. I haven't picked up needles for a long time but have finally got back to it :-) Last night I started knitting 'Sidney the owl' & have only got the wings, sewing & stuffing to go. My little fella (not so little now) has politely asked to have it on his bed once its finished so the owl has got a home :-) Looking forward to catching up with you again. SKM.
  6. silly knitty mummy

    renewing subscription

    Hi please could someone help me, I went to renew my subscription online but the price was dearer than what was said on the renewal letter I received in the post? Also when do I put in my web id? I got as far as the page for putting in payment details (which I didn't) but at no time did I see a request for my web id. have I missed something as the website look is all different since I last logged on which was quite a time ago. many thanks SKM.
  7. silly knitty mummy

    Murky Monday

    hi everyone - long time no see from me. I'm feeling chilly, my little fella has a sniffly cold but seems ok in himself. haven't done any knitting for what seems months! over the weekend I finally casted on :-) I'm making 'Bertie Bassett'. For some reason I had trouble with m1. after 5 attempts it has so far gone ok. Well alot has been going on here recently & still alot going on, little fella is waiting for an appointment for an assessment for autism :-( also waiting for education to get in touch as its a strong possibility of him needing a statement of special educational needs. Also waiting for the letter to arrive from education for applying for a prmary school place for next sept. My eldest started secondary school beginning of Sept. pleased to say he has settled in very well & is doing well with his work, in fact need to keep an eye on the time as will need to collect him shortly. anyway enough of my ramblings. happy knitting everyone, hopefully will have more time to check in more regularly :-) SKM
  8. silly knitty mummy

    Lemon Drizzle Cake

    oooh I like a bit of cake!
  9. silly knitty mummy

    My lavender clown

    he's lovely :-)
  10. silly knitty mummy

    Tipsy Pashmina

    thats gorgous, I love the colour! :-)
  11. silly knitty mummy

    Question on the month - Do you have a favourite time of day to knit?

    anytime for me, depends what else is going on but tends to be mainly evenings
  12. silly knitty mummy

    Question of the month: Do you take part in knitting challenges?

    I don't enter as I'm a slow knitter so know I'll never finish on time :-( I do look at the entries though
  13. silly knitty mummy

    Taryn , mixed media bag

    thats so pretty
  14. silly knitty mummy

    Tote Bag

    looks great, I really like the bright colours
  15. silly knitty mummy

    Purse and Headband

    they all look lovely.