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  1. Andieu

    Fantastic Friday

    Hi all, well it sounds like we have all enjoyed the sunshine today. Hubby and I have cut the hedge as it was getting a bit unruly, and we have big plans for the garden tomorrow...digging an extra flower bed, replanting a tree, replanting some shrubs..and finally cleaning the bbq so we can have a bbq tea! Hope you all have a lovely weekend.
  2. Andieu

    A pony for P.

    Thanks knit&flee; :-)
  3. Andieu

    Messenger bag

    What a great yarn for that shape of bag. It's perfect. :-)
  4. Andieu

    My Attic24 bag & Jubilee flowers

    The bag is lovely...such gfreat colours for summer. And the flowers are a great idea too if you don't want to dress head to toe in red white and blue. I'll bet your mum and co will love them.
  5. Andieu

    A pony for P.

    Thanks folks. She loved it. :-)
  6. Andieu

    A pony for P.

    My daughter started learning to jump on her last riding lesson, so I thought she deserved a present.... It's waiting on her bed for when she gets home from the stables tonight.
  7. Andieu

    Percival the penguin from LGC

    Very sweet. Love his stripey tummy. :-)
  8. Andieu

    Remote control holder/chair arm tidy

    What a fab idea...We could do with one in our house! Really like the cabling you've done. :-)
  9. Andieu

    Ferdinand the fox

    He DOES look like basil brush! He is lovely :-)
  10. Andieu

    my first and last attempt at making a bag!

    The bag looks lovely and I love chopping clothes up to line stuff as well. You have got a real 'one off' there. :-)
  11. Andieu

    Presents for me!

    Thanks everyone...jojo, the ereader bag has got some lovely comments on the train. :-) I did reinforce the sides though to make sure that the screen would be safe in the bottom of my bag!
  12. Andieu

    Homework Helper.

    Just a real quick knit for my daughter as she has her SATS right now and has quite a bit of homework each night. Thought this little dolly might make homework a bit nicer. :-)
  13. Andieu

    Presents for me!

    I decided it was time to knit somethings for me...so I needed some new slippers and a cover for my latest ereader as I can't find one I like and I don't want to damage it whilst it's in my bag every day. So, here are my makes...the slippers are from a mag we can't mention on here, and the bag is sort of from the bags that were all the rage on here last year - 'Sue bags'? I think they were called....anyway I've not got the pattern anymore, but I know they were made with 3 strands of yarn when I made some for my daughter and her friends so i dug some bits of yarn out and a spare set of handles from the drawers and improvised!
  14. Andieu

    Better late than never

    Aww, too sweet. :-)
  15. Andieu

    Lie in Tuesday?

    Am I first in today? Well good morning everyone, not often I am here first! It's a dark, wet day here so i have a stack of housework to do (DD was off school last week sick so I didn't get much done) so I'm gonna dash and do that, then try to get a few mins knitting in before the end of school. Have a good day everyone. :-)